A Conversation with the Campbell's

A Conversation With… is a regular feature on this blog. It’s my way of being able to interview people who I find inspiring. I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoyed making it. 

My dad is a pastor and whenever we have guest speakers on Sunday mornings, they usually end up at our house for lunch. That’s how I met Brad and Kim Campbell.

For the past few years, they’ve lived as missionaries in South Sudan. As many of you are ware, that young nation is in the midst of civil war. In an official United Nation report it was stated that “Violations of international human rights and humanitarian law have been committed. These include extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, rape and other acts of sexual violence….”

Perhaps there is no better place for the Gospel to be preached. I know the Campbell’s would agree.

While they live an extraordinary life, they are ordinary people. But at the same time, they’re passionate, dedicated, and brave. Brad and Kim are truly some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. 

And it’s not just my opinion. Their whole family has recently been featured on NPR and in the New York Times. Various news outlets were enamored by this Omaha family who had left everything they knew in order to love the orphans of the world’s newest nation.

Needless to say, I was excited to talk with them at City Bakery this past weekend. Their daughter, Anna, was able to join us, as well. I hope you enjoy this conversation with them.

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Being able to express myself 110% with people who have the same passion & heart as me is such a blessing.. Growing up I always held back thinking it was the right thing to do since no body liked the loud, brave & crazy one… But now it’s so relieving to not have a worry about what others think. Like I told my little sister today.. Many will like & not like your work… As long as you believe & like your own work… That’s what truly matters. Anyways… I’m on a journey of self & spiritual improvement, the only bonus is financial & heck WHY not right?? #StopLivingInTheFlesh #IMD #KimCampbell

'Goodbye,Michael'-A Young Ones Fic

A Mike fic was requested by @kimcampbells , I hope you like it! <u<

“OH! MY LITTLE BOY’S ALL GROWN UP!” Mike’s mother pulled her son into her arms and dabbed away at her tears, her red curly hair falling over her shoulders.

“Yeah mum, yeah!” Mike laughed, anxious to pull away.


“Right, yeah I know.” Mike looked around nervously as the other people on the platform gave the pair judgemental glances. “My train leaves in 3 minutes, mum.”

“What? Oh yes ofcourse!” She pulled away, allowing Mike to breathe again.

“Alright then Mum I’ll catch you later, say bye to Dad and Michelle for me! I’ll phone you tonight!” Mike grabbed his suitcase and started rushing down the platform.

“Oh Mike! One last thing!”

Mike rolled his eyes but turned to his mother with a smile, “Yes Mum?”

“You forgot your lunch!” She smiled and held out a lunch box shaped like a frog.

Mike sighed and glanced from side to side nervously, “Mum, I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t make me use this again!”

“OH YES BUT MICHAEL YOU’RE MY LITTLE BOY!” She burst into tears again and continued to cuddle him.

Mike snatched his lunch box from her, “Look no hard feelings Mum, alright?” he started to run down the platform again.

“MIKE?!” she called one last time.

“WHAT, MUM?!” Mike snapped over his shoulder.

“I love you!” She smiled and waved.

Mike smiled and waved back, “I love you too!” And with that, he climbed onto the train.

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged.

I was tagged by: @covinskey :D

Last drink: Iced Capp

Last phone call: The tattoo shop where I got my tattoo a few hours ago

Last text message: “Xo” from my aunt

Last song you listened to: I surprisingly haven’t listened to anything today really, so I can’t remember.

Last time I cried: I think a few days ago when I was watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Dated someone twice: No

Been cheated on: No

Kissed someone and regretted it: No

Lost someone special: Yes

Been depressed: Yes

Been drunk and thrown up: Yes, unfortunately 


Made a new friend: Yes

Fallen out of love: Yes

Laughed until you cried: Yeah, I honestly do it like all the time

Met someone who changed you: No, no one who has changed me anyway

Found out who your true friend were: I’ve known since like grade 1. 

Found out someone was talking about you: Yeah


How many people on tumblr do you know in real life: I know quite a few, I have 3 family members, I think about 5 or 6 friends in real life on here too. 

Do you have any pets: A cat named Stitch who’s back at home right now

Do you want to change your name: Nah, I like my name

What time did you wake up this morning: Around 2pm I think

What were you doing last night: Drinking at home, listening to some good old 2000′s music

Name something you cannot wait for: Reading week!!

Have you ever talked to a person named tom: Yeah, I have an uncle named Tom

What’s getting on your nerves rn: Midterms, and essays coming up :’(

Blood type: O+

Nicknames: Sie, White (last name), Ginger Kid

Relationship status: Single

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Pronouns: She/Her

Favorite tv show: Orange is the New Black, The Simpsons, This Hour Has 22 Minutes

high school: Was okay, not the best 

college: I like it a lot more, I made friends, I like my classes

Hair color: A coppery-orange colour

Long or short: I’ve had both, but I think I like mid-length the best

Do you have a crush on someone: Not at the moment

What do you like about yourself: I can be funny I guess

Tattoos: Yes, I have 2. I have an outline of Mickey Mouse ears on my left wrist, and today I got a watercoloured cat tattoo on my right shoulder

RIghty or lefty: Righty


First surgery: Never had surgery

First piercing: My ears when I was 6 months old

First best friend: Her name was Jade, but she moved in SK.

First sport you joined: Swimming lessons, I was probably in kindergarten at the time

First vacation: My first real vacation was to DisneyWorld when I was 9

First pair of sneakers: I think my mom had little baby Nikes for me at a few months old


Eating: I just finished the Extreme Bacon Pizza Pops (which i don’t recommend, save yourself the money and don’t)

Drinking: I’m probably going to grab a water bottle from the fridge 

Im about to: Get a water bottle and then continue studying for my personality midterm on Tuesday

Listening to: My roommate play COD

Waiting for: Midterms to be over

Want kids: I’m kind of so-so on this topic. I do, but I don’t. It honestly depends, I feel like one day I might.

Get married: Maybe, it really depends 

Career: Student


Lips or eyes: Eyes

Hugs or kisses; I’ve had more hugs than kisses in my life, so hugs

Shorter or taller: Taller

Older or younger: Older

Romantic or spontaneous: I like both!

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

Hook up or relationship: A few months ago I would have said hook up, but now I think relationship. I’ve never had either though so I really don’t know.

Troublemaker or hesitant: Can I say neither? 


Kissed a stranger: No

Drank hard liquor: Yes

Lost glasses/contacts: No, I don’t wear glasses/contacts

Sex on first date: Depends on the person, and also how well I know them prior to the first date

Broken someones heart: Yes

Been arrested: No

Turned someone down: Yes

Cried when someone died: Yes

Fallen for a friend: No


In yourself: Yes

Miracles: Possibly, I’ve had a few in my life. Although, miracles seem more like random coincidences

Love at first sight: You cannot love someone at first sight, lust would be the better term 

Heaven: I don’t know exactly, I’d like to believe there’s something more though

Santa Claus: Well, we all know he is non-existent, but the idea of Santa Claus always makes the Christmas season more enjoyable I suppose.

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