Don’t Run,.. I Love You by Midnightview w/ Kimbra (Download)

Well I’ll say damn
With an ass like that
Can’t get you off my mind
With a smile like yours
You’ve got me hypnotize
You’re outrageous, you’re contagious
I love you
I know I just met you
But please don’t pass me by

Don’t run, I love you
Don’t run, I love you
Don’t run, I love you
Don’t run, I love you

At night I sit and stare at stars
And wonder just where you are

You’re outrageous, you’re contagious
You’re the only thing that’s on my mind
I know I just met you
But please don’t pass me by

Don’t run, I love you
Don’t run, I love you
Don’t run, I love you
Don’t run, I love you

At night I sit and stare at stars
I Love You

everything is blue ~ songs that remind me of the color blue

listen here

// is there somewhere - halsey // blue - marina and the diamonds // tenerife sea - ed sheeran // clean - taylor swift // shades of cool - lana del rey // heaven - beyonce // withdraw - kimbra // eyes wide open - gotye // clouds - one direction //

My latest installment for the Catacombs is a  cover of  ‘I’m Wishing' from the Disney classic 'Snow White' recorded for the 'We Love Disney’ album (iTunes:

It was awesome to pay tribute to the psychadelic, imaginative world of Disney that I fell in love with as a kid. This track features production from the amazing Taylor Graves (, and also features guitars by axe-boss Timon Martin (both of these guys play in my live band and appear across my recent album 'The Golden Echo’).

We wanted to put a darker, modern twist to this track. Make it bang, while keeping the innocence and beauty of the original. Crank it loud!

Produced by Taylor Graves
Co-produced by Kimbra Johnson
Keys/Drum Programming: Taylor Graves
Vocals: Kimbra
Guitars: Timon Martin

And check out the Original Disney recording from 'Snow White’:


Hide away although the world still sees you
Camouflage into the light of day
Hurry now because the time is creeping
Yet I watch you in the black of sleep

But I don’t think she knows
So I follow where she goes
No I don’t you think you know  … how magical you are !

Child, with lips of coal
& eyes like sulphur
Everything you touch it turns to life

Age, the diamond thief who carves a story
Of dreams and in-betweens upon your face

But I don’t think she knows
So I follow where she goes
No I don’t you think you know  … how magical you are !

But hold that feeling love
Look to me my love
I’m your mirror mirror on the wall!
Follow me to the vanity fair
You’ll see all that you want to see there!

Baby you’re a star….
Hollywood just don’t know who you are
Baby you’re a star
So come on & light up the world with all that you are!

… Vanity Fair
… Vanity Fair
… Vanity Fair

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  • Leo:Miracle
  • Virgo:Goldmine
  • Libra:Nobody But You
  • Scorpio:Waltz Me to the Grave
  • Sagittarius:Carolina
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her time will come

broken queen of sheba
a promise written on her bones
africa arise
she will show them what she knows
I saw a vision
and it won’t let me go
she will reap all that she sows

sing out
from mount entoto
where the teff grass grows high
and the barley burns in the hands of black widows

where the children laugh
and stain the land
with hope and a future yet unknown
they shall reap what they sow

preparing the land for a great harvest
deep roots will penetrate the virgin land
she has been waiting for a lover to come
pure and forgiven

christ took the debt
bloodshed on the mountain
holy water won’t heal the wounds
but the scarred hands of love will make all things new

we are the hands and feet
reaching out to the forgotten many
creased skin and hollow eyes
small peaking portals to a sky

light spews through the cracks
good news carried for miles on her back
fire wood, bricks, candles and stone
she fights her way
she fights all alone

this is where the women cry
then wipe their salt away with a smile
shackles on their twisted ankles
heirs of a lost heritage
now they come to claim back a royal mess
but it returns as a message
a fragmented gospel
a woman by the well
beggars hands turn to blessing
the land rejoices in her kiss

this is where the untouchables unite
where they kneel and go to pray
god hears their song
while the priests push them away
high on a mountain
close to heavens eye
sleep brings solace
on the dirty ground they lie
in a mud hut their temples rise out of the dust

don’t lay your hands on us’ they cry
hush hush sisters
we softly proclaim
the face of grace holds no condemnation
no one will break the bond of mother ethiopia
and her children of god
apple of queen sheba’s eye
emperor’s descendants
africa’s delight

this is where the first woman rose
from the ancient homo sapien throne
we are the hands and the feet
once primitive and mute
now alive and speaking truth
justice held inside a shaking fist
let it pour out from the holy eucharist
see the veil is now torn and all are called
to break bread and step out from the shadows
now there are no gates and no walls

oh ethiopia
cradle of mankind
womb of humanity
gods very own spine

she breaks but is not broken
a new seed is soon to grow
she will reap what she has sown

beggars hands turn to blessing
they will lead her to the new morrow
the stones and trees will cry out if we do not
singing will burst out from the sorrow
so let us lift voices and write a glory song
be not troubled for hope is here

africa arise
there are new children to bear
for now there is no male no female no black no white
only love in the body of a broken christ

her time has come
no longer will she be wronged
this war has been won
now follow in the footsteps of a people strong
ancient, proud, where you belong
beggars hands turn to blessing
the eye that see’s becomes the heart that knows
soon she will reap all that she has sown

join voices from mount entoto
sing loud across the land
from the dust and the sand
glory has been bestowed
queen of sheba shines
on the land of scorched faces
carrying torches to the cross
the burden of a hundred generations

oh ethiopia
the broken bride
veiled in a vision and a promise
justice inside that shaking fist
heartbeat of the pulsing river Nile
from the summit of pain
births a new bloodline
no longer does she live in shame

we are the hands and the feet
this is where we come to speak
to touch and place our fingers in the palms
and reach through the wounded holes
find new beauty out of the burning charcoal

sweet ethiopia
a promise has begun
a good work started and a war that will be won
africa arise
beggars hands turn to blessing
lead us out of the corrupt and the carnal mind
send us a spirit not of division but of one
one love
one sun
a shining light for the world

oh ethiopia
the beautiful broken queen
she is calling
she is rising
we join hands and sing from mount entoto
shine on
we sing for the children
so the story shall be known