James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly Brook were all smiles while leaving the after party for “The Grey” premiere held at the Palms restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles.

The expecting couple posed for the cameras before taking a walk back to their car.

The “Dawson’s Creek” actor and his wife have been married since April of 2010 and have a one year old daughter together.

Thoughts on Jasper

{Before you start reading this post I’d like to point out that most of what you’ll see here is open to interpretation/speculation and if you’re not interested to pursue a different line from “Jasper is a horrible character and you’re horrible for liking her” please do not bother reblogging or adding anything to this post}

:Who is Jasper?

From what we know so far, Jasper is a warrior gem from Homeworld that answers to the Yellow Diamond Authority, and who came to Earth as Peridot’s bodyguard. She also confirmed her participation in the war efforts against the Crystal Gems during their rebellion against the Homeworld but does not specify much besides Rose Quartz’s qualities as a warrior, and a leader. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks, also known for voicing Ashley Williams in the Mass Effect series.

:What is Jasper’s role?

The show often hints at that Gem society, how Homeworld operates, is strictly utilitarian/caste based. Jasper, without a doubt, is a Gem warrior and was most likely created for the purpose of acting either as a guard, or an enforcer of the Yellow Diamond’s will. It’s also possible she belongs to a military like structure, hence her participation in the war against the Crystal Gems, and now fulfillsdifferent roles. The fact that she came to Earth with Peridot might indicate that her position within the Yellow Diamond’s structure is not that relevant but she seems quite loyal – something which is the result of how she was trained and ideologically motivated.

Jaspers share the same mineral class as Amethysts and Rose Quartzes, something which might indicate that Gems of the quartz mineral class are ‘born’ to serve as warriors (or other roles involving strength, force). Jasper is a brutal fighter, Rose Quartz was also known for being a great figher and a leader in battle, and Amethyst, despite being born differently from other Amethyst Gems is also very proficient at fighting/strength.

:Is Jasper a fusion?

The number of arms Malachite has, and Jasper’s coloured irises are positive signs that Jasper might actually be a fusion. And now that we know that a new Gem called Sardonyx will appear in the next Steven Bomb, the chances of it being related to Jasper only increase. The thing is, there are different types of Jasper: red, yellow, brown or green. And then you have Sardonyxes.

Nonetheless, Amaet pointed out the coincidence in colours and Stenuniverse found this particular detail which points out that Jaspers and Sardonyxes can be classified as “chalcedony“.

But didn’t Jasper say that fusions are “weak”? Well, there are two possible scenarios: as Amaet stated, Jasper could have fallen in battle and her gem potentially damaged along with her pride/self-esteem, only to be fixed with the remains of another Gem yet feeding Jasper’s prejudice against fusions and herself, or Jasper is the end result of a successful fusion between broken gems, and she has absolutely no idea about it or she does, and her existence is barely tolerated by other Gems. They’re all potential scenarios for Jasper being a fusion.

:Is Jasper evil”?

Quite frankly, I’d say “no” or at least not inherently evil. For once, we have to understand that Homeworld Gems have different values/culture/ideology and that means they react differently to what we (Humans) do. And given the caste/utilitarian nature, morality left to be tempered and molded to the interests of the Diamond Authority.

Jasper was created for a specific role: to fight. She’s like Worf from Star Trek or Ka D’Argo from Farscape: born into a warrior culture, raised to wage war, and that’s it. Her motivation, her thoughts, her driving ideology, it’s all about divide and conquer in the name of the Gem homeworld. She is a soldier, indoctrinated into believing what she does in the name of the Yellow Diamond is right.

What she did to Lapis Lazuli was definitely abusive, I don’t think anyone can outright say otherwise, but it’s honestly such a contradictory action coming from someone who moments ago was heavily criticizing fusion as “a cheap tactic”.

It’s very inconsistent with her character.

:Can Jasper be redeemed?

I think there is potential for both Jasper and Peridot to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Crystal Gems and join them in protecting Earth against the Homeworld. What might happen in the next Steven Bomb could definitely affect both Jasper and Peridot in such a way that they reach a point where they question their loyalty, and as always one of the central figures in driving this change will be Steven Universe and his good hearted nature. There’s a great opportunity here for the show to expose Jasper’s abuse, make her accountable for said actions, and have her character develop into someone who strives to abandon those toxic attitudes and becoming someone better with a different cause.

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thetrainticket asked:

If people are trash for liking Jasper, doesn't that make Kimberly Brooks trash for playing her? Or the writers trash for writing her? I'm srsly confused at this amount of cognitive dissonance

I don’t even know some ppl just take cartoons way too seriously

like… not liking a character is different than not liking someone who likes the character.

that AND I think ppl forget that there are ppl on the other side n ppl have different life experiences and reasons for liking characters

ppl just need to get their heads out of their asses (or at least not tag hate)

bisexualshaws said: ur in luck after this arkham game its the last! gotham city sirens yes pls

thank god cause I really just spend the entire game ignoring that I’m playing batman I’m in it for Harley and Ivy and Selina and that one time Babs was voiced by Kimberly Brooks

Gotham City Sirens would be the best videogame ever like c'mon now like a+ as well if it had 0 mention of joker or harley/joker