kimberly phillips

Playboy Radio- Malibu Beach Party- NSFW!

My life sucks.  See below:

Playboy Morning Radio host Kevlin Klein, some hotties, Miss September 2009 and somehow me.

When I showed up Tone Loc was performing.  Serious.

Go Illini!

I judged the ‘Best Tan Line’ competition with Tone Loc but he had to leave early.

With Miss September 2009, Kimberly Phillips. She was lovely (and not interested).

Oops I poured beer on my tits.

Many thanks to Kevin, Andrea, Saira and the rest of the Playboy Morning Show staff for somehow making it legal to invite Kosta to this awesome get together.  I left alone.

This week I’m shooting my Comedy Central Half Hour special in New York City.  Very excited!  Last week I was at the Peoria Jukebox Comedy Club.  Photos from that next week.

Pound.  Explode.  Explode again.