Honestly the fact that there’s not a fic out there where Billy comes rushing into the spaceship all smiles and jittery on the verge of happy stim claps as he sets up his music to play out loud the song Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band and it comes on and Zack and Trini immediately start fighting but make sure to tell Billy it’s amazing that he found that song while Jason watches Billy sing along softly to the song and sigh like big in love DORK while Kim swoops in to grab Zack and Trini’s hands and start dancing with them, the fact that that fic does not exist is problematic.

My only problem with the power rangers fandom is the love and light that most people shine on kim. She committed a sex crime. She never apologized. Then allowed damage to happen to Amanda’s car (which could have easily killed her) and said “serves them right” or whatever. I get that she was bullied in the aftermath of what she did, and that’s so so incredibly messed up and they absolutely deserve punishment too but?
sex crime > bullying. The sex crime is much worse, and it’s not like Kim got her car destroyed as punishment. Like, if she had apologized, I would have found her much more redeemable, but the only person she’s ever shown any guilt in front of is Jason, and he wasn’t even involved or hurt in the process of what she did. And yeah, I get she saved angel grove and everything. That’s phenomenal and I’m proud of all 5 of the Rangers. But she still did an incredibly horrible thing and hasn’t owned up to it and barely shows remorse over it- she certainly doesn’t show remorse towards the people who were hurt.
Listen. I love Kim with Trini. I do. Trimberly is one of my ultimate ships. I think Trini makes Kim a better person. But Kim as a character? I don’t know. I have iffy feelings, I guess. She didn’t deserve to be bullied, and that’s not excusable. But her saving Angel Grove doesn’t make what SHE did excusable, either.
If Kim would just apologize to Amanda, it would be so much easier for me to really like her as an individual.

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I pic Trini's brothers painting the rangers on her wall (do her brothers ever get names?) anyway they paint them and make the yellow one shorter then the rest and then point to the smaller ranger and joke that look the yellow rangers as short as trini. And then trini has to repair another hole in her wall!!!

LMAO this is so accurate tho! Everyone notices that the yellow ranger is shorter and Trini gets so bitter. 

And you know how the suits morph around their bodies the way they do? The reason Kim and Trini have a little bit of a heel is because Kim is extra and she loves them and Trini wants to be taller so she keeps saying that the suit has a mind of its own and gives her the heels, but no one believes her.