As Kaydens biological dad Dean didn’t know he actually had contact with his wife and his siblings he didn’t seem to understand why Kimberly suddenly got so somber during dinner. Samara and Kayden had made a deal that if they saw each other in public they wouldn’t acknowledge each other.
“Are you okay Kimmy?” Dean asked as he watched his daughter eat her dinner.
She nodded quietly, he looked up at his wife with questioning eyes.
“Don’t look at me.” Samara said “Maybe she ate something bad at school? Are you feeling okay?” Samara knew exactly why Kimberly was sulking, she couldn’t talk to her brother.
“I’ve got a headache.” she lied and Dean frowned a little.
“Aw baby, do you want us to get the food to go? Do you wanna go back home and lie down?”
“No.” she shook her head “No let’s finish dinner.”
“Okay, well you tell me if you change your mind.” he said giving her a pat on the hand.
“It was a pain getting a sitter for Dylan anyways.” Samara said “We can’t go home yet.”

More power rangers movie headcanons bc i can’t control myself.

  • Trini ‘if it fits, i sits’ Kwan. Do not give this 5′0 teenager a box that she can fit into. 
  • Alternatively, Trini ‘will try to adopt every cat she sees’ Kwan. Nothing will stop her from petting a cat if she sees one. 
  • They have a cat in the command centre named Rita. She’s old and hates everyone, just like her name sake. 
  • Kimberly runs a make up tutorial channel on youtube. 
  • Jason and Kimberly doing one of those ‘my boyfriend does my make up/my boyfriend narrates me doing my make up.’
  • Jason’s actually not that bad at doing make up.
  • Kimberly uses her extensive knowledge in gymnastics and kung fu to fucking axe kick billy’s desk in half.
  • Trini: remember when i said it was gonna break?
  • Regular DnD nights happen about once a week on a Thursday. Billy DMs, again, no winners, only survivors. Plus Zack is a shitty halfling cleric. 
  • Trini: [to the monster of the week] you’re fucked. 
  • Every time some alien shit happens, Billy whistles the x-files theme.