OVER YONDER RESTAURANT, Valle Crucis, NC 8/13/2017
by kimartist
4"x6" Pentalic sketchbook
Black Papermate ballpoint pen (cuz sometimes that’s all ya got)

Trying my “1-line-contour-drawing” type style in an effort to prevent myself from getting too futzy with detail & (hopefully) get a more interesting result. I like what happened here, so I may have to stick with it. In a “traditional” contour drawing, you keep your pen/pencil on the paper as you trace the outlines of your subject. I’m not 100% strict about this, as I’m trying to perfect a style, not a technique. Plus, my pen fell off the page a few times, as I tend to take my drawing literally right to the edges of the paper. What is NOT a traditional part of contour drawing, is when I went back & filled in the chair seat, the fireplace opening & her lovely black sweater with ink scribbles. Like I said: style over technique. I just want a drawing that feels satisfying to me & I felt that this drawing needed some solid black areas to help the eye find the subject matter.

WHY DO ALL NON-CONFORMISTS LOOK ALIKE? by kimartist. Approximately 5"x7" marker art on Proart watercolor paper.


<22> Settled Down background video directed by Ellen Kim
Artist: Scott Lee
Animation: Scott Lee, Richard Go, Ellen Kim
Editing, Compositing: Ellen Kim