WHY DO ALL NON-CONFORMISTS LOOK ALIKE? by kimartist. Approximately 5"x7" marker art on Proart watercolor paper.


kimartist wins “Special Recognition” status for her ink painting: IMPRESSION, BOAT DOCK (MORRO BAY) in Light Space and Time’s “Seascapes” competition in the “Painting/Other” category. Online exhibition will run until the end of October 2015.

THROUGH THE SANDS OF TIME: GR@NDMA’S FADED PHOTOGRAPHS by kimartist. 4"x6" mixed media on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper.

CAMDEN HARBOR WALKWAY IN THE RAIN (MAINE) by kimartist. 9"x12" alcohol- & acrylic-based inks on Strathmore Bristol vellum paper. (I don’t normally do landscapes and it seems like very rarely do I do strict drawings anymore, but I recently had to do an artwork in black and white… But wow. I know this is not amazing in the grand scheme of things - there are certainly better artists out there than myself - but believe me when I tell you I had no idea that I could do this. And that is why I love doing art: For what I can discover about myself.)


STANDUP MUNCH 1 @ 10/24/14 sfa greeting card art by kimartist

These ink paintings were of cellphone photographs that I took of my Mr. Munch cat rolling around in some catnip plants that I had grown expressly for that purpose.

So if he looks high to you…

He is.


The idea behind this art is that you can stand the (5"x7" card) up on your desk and see art on both sides. If you are bold, you could also conceivably open the card (7"x10") and frame it flat and/or cut apart the two different sides and then frame each separately.

JE SUIS PARIS by kimartist. 8.5"x11" mixed media on glossy HP photograph paper.

Another glimpse into the “kimartist studios”…

It’s actually an outdated look - back when I only used Jacquard Pinata (liquid) inks and they all fit neatly into the green box that you see (lid of which I use as my “easel”)…

But now that I’ve added Adirondack inks and a few other funky items to the liquid agenda (i.e. Inkssentials Glossy Accents, ART-C Glitter Mist, etc.), plus, of course, my plethora of markers, pencils, oil pastels and all manner of writing utensils - everything has of necessity overflowed into an oversized reusable shopping bag…

Photo of which I suppose I’ll have to take someday ;)

MERCURY MONTEREY @ 11/8/14 sfa by kimartist

11"x14" on yellow Canson watercolor paper. Sharpie ink and Prismacolor pencils.

Woo hoo, finally finished! :)

LAST TIME WALKING by kimartist. 6"x9" mixed media colored-pencil drawing on Canson Mi-Teinres pastel paper. (I didn’t realize it at the time that I took the photo [from which I did this artwork], but this was the last time my dad was able to take a walk in his neighborhood. He tried so hard! That’s why I have a hard time understanding why so many people want to give up on life when it gets the least bit difficult. My dad fought for every precious piece of life he could get right up to the very end.)


Sorry, sucky cellphone pics. I just saw this beaut on the way to the library and had to photo. It doesn’t look like it’s being restored (it looks like someone’s riding-to-the-beach car) so it might not be with us for much longer…

If someone can tell me what year this Merc is, I would greatly appreciate it! :)


SOLD: HOW THE RAINBOW GOT ITS TROUT by kimartist. 5"x7" mixed-media collage on watercolor paper.


EYE OF SAURON & KHAZAD DUM @ circa 2008 sfa by kimartist

Two 9"x12" acrylic abstract paintings I dug up from back when I had no idea what I was doing… Lol.

And I love the way my camera always goes: “Bright colors? Hell no, that’s not natural! Abort! Abort! Abort!” :P


WORK IN PROGRESS: MERCURY MONTEREY @ 11/4/14 sfa by kimartist

11"x14" on yellow Canson watercolor paper. Sharpie ink. “Under-drawing” for the color I’m about to put on. Not sure if I’m going to use colored pencil, or oil pastel - maybe both?

FYI: The middle (unedited) pic is probably a little closer to the true color of the paper, but a little too dark overall and the edited (top) pic is too light and… well… it’s all crazy. I like doing art better than editing photos, LOL.

ANOTHER FYI: I’m used to doing miniatures so 11"x14" is HUGE for me…

THROUGH THE SANDS OF TIME: GR@NDMA’S FADED PHOTOGRAPHS 4 by kimartist. 4"x6" mixed media on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper.