NO MIRROR TO CORRECT MY DESTINY eight conversations kira nerys and kimara cretak never had || for @isilannafic in round eight of the @trek-rarepair-swap

kill me with silence revamp using its peace against me ; leave everything behind amaranthe revelation hides a tenacity ; shine and shade beyond the black in a land we’ve never seen ; wings of steel collide chasing the ghost of time ; at first light kamelot if we stay in silence ; vakaren katatonia min hand kan snudda ljuset sen ; rainboy phideaux take this hand i offer you ; the monarch delain and show them how you’ve grown


Was it about politics? she wants to write.

Was it about me?

[a drabble collection of eight possible universes]
the border lines we drew between us - cosmic_llin - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Canonical Character Death, Awkwardness, Uneasy Allies

Nerys is struggling to make sense of her conflicting feelings for Senator Cretak.

Normally she’d talk to Jadzia about it, but Jadzia isn’t here any more.

For @gluecookie, in Round 4 of @trek-rarepair-swap. Sorry it took so long!