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The prices are:

✨ Half body - 25$

✨ Full body - 35$

✨ if you’d like another charachter +5$

✨ In a case of Gif +5$

 Background +5$ or 10$

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Do Kyungsoo//The Singing Siren

Summary: You’re a mermaid with a longing to understand the pirates that roam your waters, and he’s a captive sent to your cove to find the treasure that lies in the heart of your island. You know where it is, but why would you tell him? ft. Johnny Seo
Scenario: mermaid!AU/pirate!AU
Word Count: 8, 736

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He pressed two fingers to Neil’s throat, checking his pulse. When Neil tried to bat him away, Andrew caught his wrist with his free hand. His smile was small and fierce as he leaned forward into Neil’s space.
   “Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”
Neil was too startled to answer, but Andrew didn’t wait. He slid past Neil, using the weight of his body and his grip on Neil’s wrist to pull Neil with him out of the way of the door.


I’ve been blessed ♡♡♡♡ asdfghjkl!!! Soooo cuteee Kai singing along. I want a duet right now!!😍😍😍 Source: @alvabear94


What is this!!!

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