Here's why you should get into SPEED

ummmm, they’re amazing? That should be enough, but if not here:

(L to R- top: Sungmin, Jungwoo, Taeha, Yuhwan, Jongkook
bottom: Taewoon, Sejoon)

SPEED is a very incredible group. From their vocals, to their choreography, and even to their individual personalities. These extremely talented boys deserve so much love and support. They bust their butts to make their fans happy, and they enjoy doing so. If you’ve never heard of them please flip through this powerpoint that I have created, and at least give them a chance! It’s okay if you don’t like them, I just really want their name to get out there since a lot of people don’t know about this spectacular group! 

(Click photo for a SPEED presentation; a PowerPoint all about the members of speed, and their MV’s.)

I have also created a playlist of Speed’s music videos, interviews, and much much more.