Poems for Appa

In the most recent episode, the kids made poems for their dads.

Kim Min Guk wrote: “He is someone who reprimands me when needed and praises me when I deserve it, he is my father.”

Sung Joon wrote: “My father is strong like a rock. My father is proper like a tree. My father is a lamp because he’s awake even at night. That is why my father is the protector of our home.”  (What a beautiful handwriting and beautiful poem, Joon!)


Yoon Hoo wrote: “ My father is a great singer. And he’s a firefly. He flies around at night and sleeps during the day.”


Song Jia wrote: “My father is like the sun because he loves Jia and embraces her warmly. My father loves Jia and Jiwook.”


and dont forget our cutest troll


Lee Jun Su wrote: My father is NOT handsome. Please buy my father TOYS. (ROFL! Junsu yaa!) 

At least Junsu can write his name properly now :)

(Junsu and his Ninja toys)

credit: MBC Entertainment, NetizenBuzz

Dad, Where Are We Going?

I super recommend you to watch this adorable variety show, Dad where are you going(AppaOddiega), the current trend variety show in Korea,
AppaOddiega shows interaction between super adorable kids and their father. At the first episode, you can see how close/far the bond between each kids-dad pair. And also you will get love struck for this amazing kids!

Meet YoonHoo!

my favorite kids in Appa Odiega. He loves Eat and Jiah(another child in Appa), has angel and adorable personality. His Father always tease him, and yoonhoo reactions are super funny :))

Meet Joon!

Joon has chic personality and handsome face..He so much alike with song joong ki.. Joon has very mature attitude but he also show cute expression whenever he is alone with his dad. Joon’s dad strict about joon attitude and habits. But its the way joon’s dad showing loves to Joon

Meet Junsu!

Junsu has 4D character (weird+funny) and sometimes he has his own personal world.. He very much alike with his cool dad, and like to tease+play with his dad XD

Meet Jiah!

The only girl in AppaOdiega, has super aegyo that makes his dad do anything for her, and has loveline with YoonHoo <3
Her dad is super protective and adorable whenever he showing his love to jiah.

Jiah-YoonHoo Loveline <3

and at last Meet Minguk! 

Minguk is the oldest child, he always guide his dongseng and a good leader. Although he is cry baby and scared (like his dad), but he responsible and care about his dongseng.



Just finished watching 아빠 어디가 (Dad, Where Are You Going?) Season 1. 

It’s been a beautiful 1 year and a pleasure to watch these kids growing up. From a crybaby to a mature kid, from having an awkward relationship with dad to a closer relationship…It’s fascinating when you witness how some kids have grown up so well. I personally have seen and witnessed how much a kid grows up in real life and it just never fails to amaze me.

I’m going to miss all these kids and their interactions with each other. I hope you all grow up well and become children that your parents can be proud of and brother or sister that your siblings can depend on :)