“I used to enjoy TV shows like ‘My Life as a Teenage Robot’, ‘Unfabulous’ and ‘Zoey 101’.
However, is it me, or were all 3 of these shows trying to be Nickelodeon’s answers to 3 popular Disney Channel shows? What were those 2 Disney Channel shows, you may ask? ‘Kim Possible’ and ‘Lizzie McGuire’, of course!
Both of those DC shows were hugely popular, and it looked like Nick wanted to cash in on those shows and have their channels own versions of those shows, so they made ‘My Life as a Teenage Robot’, ‘Unfabulous’ and ‘Zoey 101’.

Hell, when ‘Unfabulous’ and ‘Zoey 101’ came out, many people said those shows were ripoffs of ‘Lizzie McGuire’.
Then again, ‘My Life As A Teenage Robot’ did start off as a short on ‘Oh Yeah! Cartoons’ in the late 90’s before ‘Kim Possible’ came out.”