Can you believe the landscape photos above are actually pictures from an aquarium? Kim Keever builds small-scale dioramas that simulate tropical environments in his amazing series, Hawaii.

In an interview with Faith is Torment, Kim explains:

What makes these dioramas unusual is that they are created in a 200 gallon tank filled with water. Though I sometimes build a scene in front of and behind the tank, most of the “action” takes place in the tank with paint injected into the water for cloud formations. I use whatever materials I can find on the street, in stores and on the internet that might add to a perception of reality that is not quite what it seems.

Aquarium Used to Stage Breathtaking Landscape Photos

via Faith is Torment


Kim Keever’s photographs may look like documentation of natural phenomena from another planet, but the artist painstakingly constructs minuscule photo sets inside a fish tank in his studio to achieve his highly detailed, abstract images. As clouds of dense pigment unfurl in the water, Keever zooms in to capture every undulating shape. The tiny explosions become awe-inspiring tornadoes of paint in his resulting work. We previously interviewed the artist here on the blog back in 2011, and today we take a look at his newest work. See more on Hi-Fructose