…another day of super sloppy sleepy scratch seshin’ while bouncing around the cramped caltrain to & from campus - still looking at Kim Jung Gi for figurative anatomy & diorama photos for the birds… :P

9 Not-to-Be-Missed Web Dramas

9 Not-to-Be-Missed Web Dramas

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Watched a web drama recently? They are an increasingly popular format, with stars like Big Bang’s T.O.P, f(x)’s Victoria, and Kim Woo Bin jumping on the bandwagon. But what exactly is the difference between web dramas and the regular dramas we are all used to?

While traditional dramas are broadcast first on television, and then made available online, web dramas are only available online. While…

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anonymous asked:

I see you like to read, which book is your favorite?

those are all artbooks. my favorite is 2013 Sketch Collection by Kim Jung-Gi


This guy is amazing.


South Korean illustrator and cartoonist Kim Jung Gi draws energetic and fantastical scenes inspired by a mix of comics, movies, and his everyday encounters. His drawings became a Youtube sensation when he posted this timelapse video of his process, where he sketches incredibly without hesitation or visual references. Using primarily brush pen and ink, he works purely from his imagination, often distorting his images as if looking through a fish-eye lens.

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so idk if you guys know who kim jung gi is but

hes a drawing artist and he inks right away on the paper with no undersketch and he is INCREDIBLE