Stunning Defragmented Porcelain Tattooed Sculptures by Kim Joon

Artist Kim Joon specializes in crafting ceramic sculptures. Aligning his work with the classical teaware patterns, the amputated human sculptures resemble broken dolls, without the heads and limbs strewn about - depicted subtly. 

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Kim Joon’s Brand Name 3D Limbs

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1966 Kim Joon (김준) is one of Korea’s most notable contemporary artists. He creates digital prints exploring themes of desire, memory & youth using porcelain & tattoos as his digital mediums. He fabricates compositions out of tableware, fragments of idealized nudes, & icons of Western pop culture. A master of 3D software, Kim successfully juxtaposes traditional Asian motifs & new media.

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Boys Over Flowers originally aired January 5,2009 till March 31,2009. It is a 25 episode long KDrama aired on KBS2. BOF is originally based off Yoko Kamio’s Japanese shojo manga series “Hana yori Dango”

Seven Years later, it is one of the most beloved Korean Dramas. It has gotten multi Parody’s and its main theme Almost Paradise is used on multiple variety shows and dramas making fangirls react. 

HERE’S FOR MANY MORE YEARS WITH the beloved F4 and the two lovely leading ladies :D