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EP 23

Gary: We used to be so good together. How did we end up like this. It’s all because of Ji Hyo!

Haha: That’s because you are always protecting Ji Hyo!

Gary: But she loves you!

Jong Kook: Why are you doing all these just for one woman!

Jong Kook: Do you both want a teaching from me?!

Jong Kook: Is family or woman more important?!

Kwang Soo: Then what am I? What am I to you hyungs?!

Jong Kook: NOTHING!

This is the perfect scene :P A little bit of everything (MC, Kim Jong Kook and the two kids and kooksoo). Hope to see the come back of Kim Jong Kook and the two kids again :P

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When did "Kim Jongkook & Two Kids" disband?

So, they never technically disbanded. I think when Monday Couple was formed, Kim Jong Kook and the 2 kids kind of stopped being a thing.

While the 3 of them have been on teams together a lot (check our lists page for all the episodes), the three were only ever on a team by themselves in episodes 12, 16, 18 and 25 (kind of surprising considering what a lasting impression it made).

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(gif is from ep 149)


So.~ Here is a list of the relationships within Running Man!! 

- This trio is found in the earlier episodes. Kim Jong Kook, Haha & Gary were often found in the same team. Kim Jong Kook dominated the two younger brothers (ofcourse he did.) causing the two younger brothers to listen to him because they were too scared. xD They were an effective team though! 

- In the beginning when Song Joong-Ki was still in Running Man, he and Song Ji-Hyo had a love line that was liked by a lot of fans. Later when Monday Couple became more popular they changed it into the Song Song Siblings.

- Gary and Song Ji Hyo might have the most popular relationship in Running Man. On monday, they are a couple! In the beginning it was mostly led by Gary but in the newer episodes Song Ji Hyo also instigate some good moments! 

- Lee Kwang-Soo would often claim that he was very good friends with Song Joong-Ki because they were born in the same year. Song Joong-Ki would deny it though causing laughter as Lee Kwang-Soo would act depressed.

- A hilarious duo existing out of the oldest member, Ji Suk Jin and the youngest, Lee Kwang Soo. At first they were known as Dumb & Dumber. (Much like Yoo Jae Suk & Daesung in Family Outing.) Later when they were spies, the other members who had to find out who the spies were got the clue ‘Easy’. It was made from their surnames. Lee (pronounced as Ee) and Ji, Eeji! And don’t forget their famous catch phrase; FEEL, TOUCH, CROSS! 

- Anothing combination of surnames. This time from Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo. They would also do the Yoo-Lee cross. Kwang Soo stated that it sounds like UEE and afterwards they say how they miss her.

- This was a trio formed in the earlier episode where Yoo Jae Suk didn’t had his amazing surviving skills, hehe. Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk were always the first 3 to get outed in the name tag ripping games. 


- Having both Suk in their names, Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk became the Suk Brothers. They are friends for more than 20 years in real life and they have a funny relationship in Running Man. Ji Suk Jin is always jealous of the good relationship Yoo Jae Suk has with Kim Jong Kook (Or anyone else for that matter, keke). In episde 27, Ji Suk Jin was referred to as Yoo Jae Suk’s sunflower because he always faces him.

- Haha and Kim Jong Kook are often paired, especially in the earlier episodes. They have an adorable relationship and they would call each other in a playful manner. Kiddie Haha would call for Kim Jong Kook saying: “Hyuuung.~” to which Kim Jong Kook lovingly replied: “Nae Dongsaeng.~" 

- When Song Ji Hyo announced she was her dating CEO, Ji Suk Jin commented how they needed a new loveline for the show. Haha said he was preparing for one and Yoo Jae Suk jokingly replied how he couldn’t sleep because he was thinking of Haha too much. They have a hilarious relationship where they argue with each other a lot! 

- Another great pairing. Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo are often called by their animal look a likes; Tiger and Giraffe. They have a very Tom and Jerry like relationship where Kim Jong Kook bosses Lee Kwang Soo around. In episode 84 their hands got tied together, making it impossible for Lee Kwang Soo to really do anything unless Kim Jong Kook offered help. 

- After Haha and Lee Kwang Soo became betrayal masters, Ji Suk Jin joined the club and they became the Betrayel Team. They even have an episode where they attempt to steal a treasure. 


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what does sseumdwa (?) mean?

In Korean, “seum ni da” means, okay or I understand. When you say it quickly, it can sound like “sseumdwa”. 

When Gary and Haha were paired up with Kim Jong Kook often in the earlier episodes, they used this phrase hoping it would catch on. They said it often because their bossy hyung was always barking orders.


Running Trio - Kim Jong Kook and the Two Kids

Trio of the day: Kim Jong Kook and the two kids

Members: Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary

(screencap from

Kim Jong Kook and the two kids was formed (and existed) in the earlier episodes, because they were always teamed up together. Kim Jong Kook would often discipline them whenever they caused the team to lose or did something wrong. When that happens, Haha and Gary would just bow their heads and listen to his nagging XD Honestly, I didn’t like how Jong Kook oppa treated them initially, but after a while, he toned down and I learnt that variety is just variety, so that was how I came to like the trio. In addition to all the naggings, they also provided us with various hilarious moments, not to mention that the kids were pretty cute at that time with their actions and interactions. (I guess they became more mature as they became older and after KJK and the two kids slowly ended.) Nonetheless, I would love to see the grouping again, maybe without the father-kids kind of relationship but more of just funny interations that only they can present.

Favourite Moment: Ep 23! Jong Kook chided Haha and Gary after they bickered over Ji Hyo while they lie on the snow, telling them how family was more important XD. That was a cute scene and probably the only scene that I liked about that episode :P (I posted a Running Moment post on this scene, look the ‘ep 23’ tag on the main page of this blog under the ‘episodes’ tag.)

P.S. On a side note, ep 23 was kinda disappointing, those who have not watched it, I would suggest you skip to the last mission. Even though I did finish that episode, I wasn’t paying attention most of the time. ㄱㄱ:P