Kim Jae Wook is casted in new movie “There is another way”

In the movie Kim Jae Wook will play Soo Wan, a police officer whose father believes that his wife is Virgin Mary. Soo Wan decides to go travel around Chuncheon where he meets Jung Won (played by Seo Ye Ji).

The filming began on January 18 and will make its premiere in winter 2015.


Kim Jae Wook in MV for web drama ‘Sweet Temptation‘ OST

‘Sweet Temptation‘ is a web drama which features the members of girl group T-ARA acting alongside actors such as Kim Jae Wook, Jang Su Won, Lee Joong Moon, Hyun Woo, Kim Shi Hoo and Seo Jun Young.

Kim Jae Wook will be featured in member Eunjung’s episode.

Kim Jae Joong’s Second Album Receives Enthusiastic Response

[by Bae Jung Yun] Kim Jae Joong’s Second Album ‘NO.X’ has unveiled.

C-JeS Entertainment announced that “On February 11 at midnight, his new album ‘NO.X’ was released after 2 years and 4 months. He was participated in writing lyrics of 9 songs and composing 2 songs to make the album with high completion degree. The album contains various types of 12 tracks such as britpop, blues, post-grunge, hard-rock, pop-funk, ballad and others.”

Title song ‘Love You More’ is a pop-funk song with strong sound and dynamic groove. The lyrics are about a person, who actively expresses his heart of wanting to give everything and feeling lack even confessing his love every day. Highly addictive chorus will attract anyone who listens to this song.

In addition, threre are ‘Breathing’ and ‘Good Morning Night’ that he performed as a surprise in the concert before he joined the army, ‘Meet Again, Even We Meet Again’ expresses his love for fans, his own music ‘Blaming You’ and ‘Good Luck’ and others in this album.

The music video released along with the sound track definitely drew people’s attention. Dynamic and intense performance, which lead compliment of ‘That is Kim Jae Joong as I expected’ attracted many viewers. Moreover, it formed the image of young pople going forward to reach their dreams by using omnibus format. It is receving comment of raising dynamic mood by showing sensual beauty of image.

Meanwhile, his second full-length album ‘NO.X’ is available on online and offline stores. (photo by C-JeS Entertainment)

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[News] Kim Jae Wook ended filming for new movie

According to officials of the movie, the filming with Kim Jae Wook, Chae Jong An and Park Gyu Ri ended recently. “Backwards closer together” is a romance story that tells the story of 3 women and men that takes place in Gangreung.

The movie will have its premiere in the second half of the year, more information coming soon.

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