Billy/Teddy - College AU - The Comic Book Club





Billy stared at the notice on the billboard at the end of his hallway. It was like he was willing the piece of paper to surrender more information. Like who would be in this club? Would they be cool? Would they like him? Could they finally turn around his lackluster freshman year?

It had been four days since his encounter with Teddy at the campus coffee shop. He hadn’t had any interactions with him since. Well… they HAD had class together in which he’d caught Teddy looking back at him for a split second before turning to face forward again. Billy wondered at first if he should feel sorry for what he’d said but those doubts had quickly been curbed by Kate when he finally spilled the beans of what had been happening to him at her last lacrosse practice.

“Ok, hold up a second, because first of all, you never told me Greg was still bothering you and I’m pretty sure I promised to remove his testicles next time he did,“ said Kate.

Billy sighed and leaned back against the old wooden bleachers. “You have your own things to worry about. Your own classes and work. Greg is my problem.”

“I’m pretty sure I can pencil in some ball removal.” She said as she leaned against the bench Billy was sitting on. Billy arched an eyebrow at her. “Okay, okay, sorry. So you called this Teddy guy out on not sticking up for you and letting his friends make you their personal punching bag. You definitely did the right thing there. You deserve more than a guy who’s living in some fantasy world where everything is fine and dandy.”

“Yeah,” Billy huffed out.

“Hey Kate, come on! We’re gonna start the scrimmage!”

Kate straightened as a girl with her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail jogged over.

“I’m coming Cassie.” Katie stared at Billy seriously. “Look, just make sure you’re taking care of yourself first. Get into a new class so you’re not being bothered by those creeps. You don’t have to settle for being walked on.”

Well, Billy most certainly wasn’t going to settle for that. He was already letting Miss Chavez help him change his schedule and now he was going to try to find people he could finally click with. He tugged the notice off the billboard with a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.


Billy’s smile dropped, along with all the hope and promise that had been building up in him over the past couple of days, to lie crumpled on the dirty carpeted floor of Room 3B.

What greeted him was not the room bustling with excited chatter and the swapping of nerdy memorabilia he’d been dreaming of. Everything was mostly bare except for three people, one of whom was seated behind a folding table with a card on top that declared this “THE COMIC BOOK CLUB”. The only other indicator of comic book clubiness was the fact that the other two occupants of the room were spread out with their noses buried deeply in books that looked to be from several years ago.

“Hey,” said the kid behind the table.

Billy wanted nothing more than to turn tail and run the other way without ever looking back. But since he’d already been discovered he found himself carried forward by his feet against his will. “Uh… hey… so um… where’s everyone else?”

“No one else yet,” said the kid. “We’ll just have to wait.” He pushed forward a clipboard with four signatures. “Sign that. It’s to say you’re in the club. You also might want to get your roommate to sign it. That’s what I did. We need at least fifteen to stay a club.”

“You mean, you don’t think we’ll get fifteen people to show up?” Asked Billy in horror.

“Nah. We never do. But like I said we just get the signatures so we can use the room.”

“Oh,” said Billy looking around. “Um.. okay then what do we do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well um… what are our activities? What do we do at meetings? What are we going to do today?”

The kid looked at Billy like he’d just asked where they keep the three headed dogs. “We read comics.” He pointed at the sign and spoke slowly. “It’s a comic book club.”

Billy sighed. “Okay then, so do we at least have events or trips we raise money for?”

The kid started to point at the sign again. Billy didn’t let him finish before doing what he wanted to do from the start and turn heel and walk out.

He stormed back to his dorm room, his mind so clouded with rage and disappointment that he ended up running straight into someone.

He looked up and realized it was Teddy.

“Oh, um, Billy… I wanted to talk-”

“NO! I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH YOU NOW!” He shouted. Teddy stumbled back and Billy relished the power in this for a split second before continuing his storming back to his dorm where he flung himself onto his bunk and prayed for someone else’s life.

Then Eli tried to say something about Billy leaving food out on his desk and Billy threw a pillow at him making his roommate huff and exit the room.

GLEE Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day

I really suck at going to people’s asks and expressing my feelings. So I’m just gonna rec some of my favorite fics from my favorite authors.

#5 Of Rocky Friendships and Finding Yourself by BadgerInMySoup

Title:Of Rocky Friendships and Finding Yourself (and its sequel Of Being Gay and Falling in Love) and now I’ve just realized she’s started to write another one for Season 3, Of senior year and moving on!!!)

Author: Kim (kim-is-a-klainer on tumblr)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Two summers ago, Blaine Anderson kissed Kurt Hummel at a party. Now Blaine is a sophomore, trying to follow the prearranged mold his father made, all the while dealing with his sexuality and the reappearance of Kurt in his life.

Ok. These fics. They’re kind of old, but still one of my favorites. I don’t think many people know about them and this makes me sad. Because they’re very very good. Each one consists of season 1 and seaon 2 rewritten as if Blaine had been a student at McKinley since the beginning and he had been a straight, popular jock. A beautiful frienship grows between them and then beautiful feelings happen. But it sticks with canon a lot so you still get Kurt’s crush on Finn, Kurt dating Brittany, Jeremiah, Kurt transferring to Dalton… and all the stuff that goes down during seasons 1 and 2. They’re truly amazing and a very good read. Every chapter is an episoe. I totally reccomend them.