park bom’s “drug” scandal that happened almost five years ago is brought up and she can barely publicly show herself for over half a year aside from concerts. kim hyun joong admittedly hit his girlfriend and get’s a comeback within months and his own concert, with people saying ‘it was one time’ ‘he’s changed’ ‘get over it’. i dont care what you say, that’s messed up.


Top 10 Asian Dramas - #4 Boys Over Flowers

Now it’s time for my top 4 favorite dramas. These are the ones that I really invested my heart into and genuinely loved from beginning to end. BOF was the first Korean drama that made me go all bat crazy over Korean culture. I don’t know why it did, but it was the first one that pulled me into the kpop world. Maybe it was because of the main couple that made me fall in love with it or the music. I actually rewatched this whole series this past weekend ha. I reminded me of how much I truly loved this drama.

Geum Jandi’s character was cheerful, independent, and loving. Just knowing the fact that she could handle herself without money or a man was enough for me to love her. Gu Junpyo’s character was the opposite. He was stubborn, overly cocky, and dependent on others to take care of him. But I grew to love his character because he changed for the better. He learned the meaning of love, patience, and understanding without letting his social status interfere with that. The blossoming romance was so frustrating and heartbreaking but at the same time it kept me wanting more. I loved every single second of this drama, minus some of the poor acting on a few parts (NOT GOING TO NAME ANYONE, I might offend a few of my followers) but I forgive him. hehe. This will continue to be one of my favorite dramas of all time. I could watch this over and over again. And I’ll never get tired of it.  =)