park bom’s “drug” scandal that happened almost five years ago is brought up and she can barely publicly show herself for over half a year aside from concerts. kim hyun joong admittedly hit his girlfriend and get’s a comeback within months and his own concert, with people saying ‘it was one time’ ‘he’s changed’ ‘get over it’. i dont care what you say, that’s messed up.

Facebook vs Tumblr: SS501 version

Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook:

Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr:

Someone sends you a Facebook message:

Someone writes in your Tumblr askbox:

Loses a friend on Facebook:

Loses a follower on Tumblr:

Error on Facebook:

Error on Tumblr:

Scrolling through Facebook:

Scrolling through Tumblr:

Facebook at 2am:

Tumblr at 2am:

Someone sends you a dirty message on Facebook:

Someone sends you a dirty message on Tumblr: