THE MIGHTY SISTAR you will truly be miss. I know this seems like the end but it’s only the beginning of a new journey. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. SISTAR was the best thing to ever happen to me & K-POP. I will always love you & continue on being THE B.E.S.T SISTAR!!!! Let’s meet again someday #THANKYOUSISTAR #BESTSISTAR #LEGENDSONLY #QUEENS

Sistar Conspiracy
  • “Sistar” and “Summer” both start with “S”
  • Sistar and Summer both have 6 letters
  • if you say Sistar but elongate the pronunciation on the “s” it sounds like “sea star”, a common creature at the beach/ tide pools, a place to cool off in the summer
  • Sistar is known for having tan kpop stars like Hyorin and Bora, And people tend to get tan in the summer
  • Sistar came back this year on Summer Solstice, June 20th 2016 
  • Sistar Debuted August 9th 2010
  • Since Loving U, Sistar has consistently been coming back in the summer months, with Loving U, Touch My Body, I swear, and Shake it having obvious Summer themes

If this doesn’t prove Sistar are actual Summer Queens, destined to bless us plebians of yearly summer jams, I truly don’t know what else does