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-This is Kim De Gelder.
-De Gelder stabbed 3 people in the Fabeltjesland Nursery in Dendermonde, Belgium.
-The attack took place on January 23, 2009
-De Gelder was 20 at the time of the attack
-De Gelder reportedly entered the nursery dressed up similarly to The Joker
-De Gelder had apparently watched The Dark Knight an “unusually high number” of times
-There were 3 victims of the Fabeltjesland Nursery attack
-Leon Garcia-Mannaert (8 month old boy)
-Corneel Vermeir (9 month old boy)
-Marita Blindeman (54 years old)
-Police linked Kim De Gelder to another crime (the stabbing of Elza Van Raemdonck (74 years old)).
-De Gelder’s attorney claimed he was schizophrenic and shouldn’t be held fully accountable
-Other psychiatrists believe De Gelder was faking psychosis and diagnosed him with schizotypal personality disorder
-On March 22, 2013 Kim De Gelder was found guilty on four counts of murder
-De Gelder was sentenced to life imprisonment on March 23, 2013
-Kim De Gelder currently is at Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde, Dendermonde, Belgium

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Evidence against Kim de Gelder that was exhibited to the public in 2013. This included the murder weapons, a bulletproof vest and axes but also objects like hair dye, mobile phones and binoculars.

Kim de Gelder committed a stabbing attack in a daycare center in Dendermonde, Belgium on the 23th of January, 2009. Two infants and one adult were killed, ten other infants and two adults got injured. Kim De Gelder got sentenced to life imprisonment in 2013.

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Do you have the address from James Holmes or Kim De Gelder? :)

James Holmes  
Arapahoe County Jail
P.O. Box 4918
Centennial , CO 80155-4918

As for Kim De Gelder, it will take me a while to find, but I have the help of thedeathmerchant so maybe we will find it sooner than later. 

Chilling Quotes by School Shooters

“This sure beats the hell out of algebra, doesn’t it?”

-Barry Loukaitis after murdering his algebra teacher and two students. Loukaitis was dressed in a wild west-style gunslinger outfit and had a black duster on. He was armed with a hunting rifle and two handguns.

“Kill me, please. I can’t believe I did that.”

-Micheal Carneal seconds after he opened fire at a prayer group sitting outside his highschool. Upon arrival, Carneal immediately put in earplugs, took out the pistol, and shot eight rounds. He was standing at point blank range and killed three young girls.

“I have a question.”

-Kim De Gelder after he stabbed 15 children at Fabeltjesland daycare centre in Dendermonde, Belgium. Upon his arrest, Gelder was found carrying a list of nurseries, three knives, and an axe. He displayed erratic behavior, strange fits of laughter, and weird smiles. When asked what he was doing, Gelder’s only response was “I have a question.”

“Do you believe in God?”

-Dylan Klebold to Valene Schnurr during the massacre at Columbine. In one case, Eric Harris (the second shooter) knelt down under a table in the library and said “peek-a-boo” before shooting a young girl named Cassie Bernall in the head. It was widely reported after the shooting that Harris asked Bernall “if she believed in God” before shooting her, although this is not certain.

“Aren’t you all dead yet?”

-Tim Kretschmer after murdering twelve people at his secondary school in Germany. It was the only thing he said during the entire massacre. Upon escaping the school, he carjacked a vehicle driven by a man named Igor Wolf and ordered him to drive out of the area. While in the car, Wolf asked Kretschmer why he murdered the children. The response came: “For fun, because it is fun.”

On January 23, 2009, 20-year-old Kim De Gelder entered a nursery school in Dendermonde, Belgium through a side door. He entered one of the nursery rooms and started attacking the small children inside with a knife, when he was finished in there he then went up the stairs to another room attacking whoever he came across on the way. When he was finished with the attack he left the nursery on his bike. A total of eighteen children under the age of three and six adults were in the nursery during the attack, two infants and one adult were killed. Six children between the ages of one and three were severely injured and four suffered minor injuries. Kim De Gelder was captured by the police shortly after the attack and a list of nurseries was found in his pocket hinting that he was going to carry on his attack at a different nursery.

Kim De Gelder “The Joker of Dendermonde”, a 20 year-old Belgian from Sinaai, entered the Fabeltjesland nursery, located in Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde in Dendermonde, Belgium, through an unlocked side door, claiming he had a question. He then entered one of the rooms and began attacking small children before moving up some stairs, where he continued in another room.The man was reported to be wearing black and white makeup with his hair vividly coloured in red, similar to that of The Joker.
Kim De Gelder was, in eyes of his friends and colleagues, a silent boy, who never said anything. A total of eighteen infants under the age of three and six adults were in the nursery at the time of the attack.Two infants and one adult were killed, six children, between one and three years old, were seriously injured, another four suffered minor injuries and nine escaped unscathed.

I have a question.

Kim De Gelder

One year and one day after the death of Heath Ledger, De Gelder (dressed similarly to Ledger’s infamous Joker character) entered the Fabeltjesland daycare in Belgium where he attacked a group of children with a knife before entering a room of 24 people, 18 of which were under the age of three. De Gelder would stab 15 of the 24 people, killing three, two of which were children. When captured by police his only response was “I have a question”


Drie jaar na de raid van Kim De Gelder in Fabeltjesland moest de raadkamer beslissen over een doorverwijzing naar de KI met het oog op een assisenproces. Samen met Quinten en Hilde blik ik terug op drie jaar wachten.