Serendipity: Falling in love as if it were fate and longing to be loved in return. You place this person on a pedestal as your angel and your world.

Euphoria: The feelings of being in love, giving yourself wholly to one person and placing your happiness in them.

Singularity: Losing yourself in a ‘love’ that winds up being toxic. Now, you do not have an identity outside of this 'love’.

Epiphany: The realization that the love of yourself is the most important. You are beautiful and do not have to alter yourself in order to find love.

Sometimes i wonder why i love Bangtan so much and then i think of Min Yoongi licking his orange bath bomb cause it looked so edible, jungkook putting chocolate mushroom balls into Jin’s ramen noodle cup, jimin eating whole cakes with his face/mouth, taehyung snacking on onions he pulls out of his suit jacket pocket, Seokjin drinking clear salty seawater just cause it looked so nice, red-faced hobi ready to pass out after one sip of alcohol, and joon stuffing a whole fortune cookie, fortune paper and all, into his mouth and i realize…it’s because regardless of fame and wealth, they’re relatable as fuck.


Introduction - Love Yourself 起 ‘Wonder’ Intro: Euphoria
Development - Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ Intro: Serendipity
Turn - Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ Intro: Singularity
Conclusion - Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ Intro: Epiphany