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If Kpop was honest to us!
  • SM: We care about our idols, Oh wait you thought health wise?, That's funny!
  • JYP: I can get rid of any member from a group, Just watch Stray Kids
  • YG: We see our idols as prizes, They are our money making machines
  • Mnet: We're just a bunch of snakes
  • FNC: We brought many idols together, Now where is your money?
  • Kcon: Sorry but broke bitches don't go through these doors
  • Produce 101: We like to get you hyped until your favorite doesn't make it, You thought bitch
  • BTS: We like to fuck with our fandom so hard they can't breath
  • NCT: We just add more members and bam you bitches fall back
  • Day6: Thank you dusty hoes for waking up on us instead of sleeping
  • Samuel: I've done this shit for tooooo long
  • Amber: Honestly SM doesn't pay me worth shit
  • Red Velvet: Stop sleeping on girl groups bitches
what the pd101 maknae line looks like

Jinyoung - looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you

Daehwi - looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll

Samuel - looks like he can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll

Euiwoong - looks like a shiny cinnamon roll

Seonho - looks like he could kill himself by eating too many cinnamon rolls

Justin - looks like he could bake cinnamon rolls and burn them

Woojin - looks like he could kill daniel by feeding him too many cinnamon rolls

Guanlin - doesn’t look like anything

Kim Samuel Harry Potter AU

  • 500% a ravenclaw
  • values knowledge, but also understands the necessity of hard work
  • is literally perfect in everything he does
  • he’s halfblood, but was raised in a wizarding household
  • nicknamed “the brightest wizard of our generation”
  • like literally the new hermione granger
  • but you’re not in ravenclaw for your sharp intelligence or love of books
  • oh no boo you’re in ravenclaw for that firecracker wit
  • snarky and sassy af, people know not to get on your bad side
  • on the first day of school, you and samuel ended up in the same carriage on the hogwarts express
  • he as the first friend at hogwarts you made
  • and when you two were sorted into the same house, you were both overjoyed
  • you become best friends, never seen without the other
  • during your second year, he decides to join the quidditch team and of course you support him
  • you help him practice for tryouts even though you’re not great at flying
  • you find yourself slowly falling for him,,, he’s just so kind to you and of course he’s handsome and intelligent and skilled
  • but you wouldn’t do anything to put your friendship in danger, so you don’t say anything
  • during the summer, you ask your parents if you can go over to his house occasionally
  • your family is a muggle family, and his parents immediately want to meet yours
  • they get along pretty well (and of course make a couple jokes about you two dating)
  • “mom, oh my god, you’re so embarrassing!”
  • since samuel lives in a wizarding community, you’re able to practice quidditch with him
  • it’s more like you throwing quaffles into the air and him chasing after them
  • once he’s tired out, the two of you head inside 
  • he’s all sweaty and gross and keeps trying to hug you lmao
  • your parents and his become really good friends, to the point where they’ll visit his parents even if you’re not going over to samuel’s house
  • you return to school and you’re both excited to begin a new school year
  • samuel drags you to flourish and blotts when you go shopping at diagon alley, super eager to get his hands on the new textbooks
  • samuel also gets chosen to be a ravenclaw prefect
  • and you feel a bit awkward, because it’s the first time you’ve taken the hogwarts express alone, as he had to check in with the other prefects
  • the routines that you were so used to with samuel, like stopping by the library after dinner, have all changed
  • and for the winter ball, he ends up going with his prefect partner 
  • you’re slightly pissed that he didn’t even think of asking you, but you ignore it
  • you end up going with takeda kenta, one of your friends from hufflepuff 
  • during the ball, kenta goes to grab drinks and you sit down, taking a break from all the dancing
  • “you didn’t tell me you were going with takeda kenta” samuel said stiffly, taking a seat next to you
  • “yeah, well, you didn’t tell me you were going at all,” you replied, shrugging
  • “yeah, well,” he snapped, obviuosly getting mad, “you didn’t ask”
  • “Kim samuel, why the hell should i ask my best friend if he’s going to the yule ball?”
  • kenta was returning with drinks, but when he saw the two of you arguing he turned around and walked away quickly
  • “you shouldn’t just go with the first guy who asks you, though,” samuel argued back, crossing his arms, “you never know what kenta’s motives might be”
  • “oh god, don’t bring kenta into this,” you groaned, “he’s literally a sweetheart, don’t be an asshole”
  • “Oh my god,” samuel rolled his eyes, “i’m not being an asshole, you just need to be more careful and aware”
  • you glared at him, standing up, “i can take care of myself, kim samuel”
  • you stormed back to the ravenclaw dorms, furious that your night had been ruined
  • after wiping your makeup off and changing into your pyjamas, you curled up into bed, crying
  • the dorm was empty, since all of your dormmates were still at the ball
  • “(y/n)?” you heard samuel say softly
  • you rolled over onto your side and pulled the covers over your head
  • “(y/n), I’m sorry for being a jerk,” he apologized, sitting on your bed next to you. “i was just jealous of kenta and i expressed that badly.”
  • you rolled over onto your other side, looking up at him suspiciously
  • he sighed, grabbing a tissue and wiping your tears away
  • “i’m sorry for making you cry,” he said quietly, shifting so that he was lying on the bed as well
  • he wrapped his arm around you and you laid your head on his chest comfortably, a position the two of you were familiar with
  • (you would have sleepovers and such during the summers)
  • samuel started to play with your hair, gently carding his fingers through your hair
  • “(y/n), I like you,” samuel said quietly as you felt your eyes growing heavy. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.”
  • you sighed, looking up at him
  • “i like you too, idiot,” you smiled, snuggling further into him
  • you two fell asleep like that in your bed, cuddling each other
  • you two are the cuddle couple ™
  • when you start taking different classes as upperclassmen, he waits for you outside of your classroom, hugging you and giving you a quick kiss as you leave the classroom
  • in the mornings when you’re especially tired from a long night of studying, he lets you rest your head on his shoulder as you eat slowly
  • lee daehwi, another one of sam’s friends in hufflepuff, will sometimes laugh at how whipped samuel is for you
  • your parents and his are overjoyed at the news that you’re dating
  • and probably start planning your wedding as soon as they find out
  • just a generally cute and pure couple wowowow

a/n it’s so short, i tried to make it long and enjoyable to read but i somehow just can’t, sorry

gender fluff

sumarry trying to cheer samuel up after the final of pd101

word count 464

warnings none

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After the ranking announcement everyone were sad. People how got into the debut group, people who didn’t get in and trainees who were eliminated at the beginning. You could see Samuel’s face at the tv behind the scenes and your heart were breaking. He did everything he could and nothing worked. 

After everything you just stood in the hall and was waiting for him. You needed to do something, you didn’t wanted to see him being sad. Finally, you saw a boy with purple hair coming in your direction and you opened your arms for him to come in.

“It’s okay Samue.,” you whispered stroking his hair as he cried again that day. He just cling to you and cried harder. Minutes passed and he is finally calming down, breathing properly and not crying anymore. You lightly push him away, to look at his face and squish his cheeks “Ahh, our baby, don’t cry anymore. It will be okay.” he giggled and you couldn’t be more happy.

“I know.. it’s just so annoying and I just can’t but cry.” he rubbed his eyes and sighed.

You looked at the clock - 5:24 am. It was so late but you’re sure that your favorite dog cafe in hongdae is open. Everything in hongdae at this time is open to be honest.

“Samuel, I know that it’s late and you are probably so tired right now, but maybe we could go to this one cafe. I’m pretty sure you will love it.” you said while grinning. He thought about it for a few second and agreed. He quickly changed in some normal clothes and you were on your way.

Samuel opened the door to cafe and you were welcomed by few dogs and the owner. Some dogs were sleepning, some already jumping on Samuel while he giggled and some of them were with other customers. You guys sat in the corner and ordered food. 

“So.. do you like it?” you rested your head on your hand and looked at him while smiling. 

Honestly you could answer that question yourself, by just looking at him, smiling at the dog on his lap, who was licking his face. Maybe it’s better for him not to be in this group? Maybe he meet more time and debut as solo artist.

“Yeah, I like it, thank you y/n.” he said while smiling and you coudn’t be more happy. 

The rest of the night you spended petting the dogs, taking cute pictures of them, and soon the sun started to sine and that may sound selfish but you were happy that he didn’t have to leave you yet. You still have so much time together and maybe someday his time will come and you will be ready to let him go.

Boyfriend Samuel
  • cheeky
  • he’s a child but he acts like he’s grown most of the time
  • like smh sit down
  • would tell you cheesy pickup lines all the time just to make you flustered and for his pure entertainment
  • “are you from mcdonald’s because i’m lovin it ;)”
  • selfies, selfies, and more selfies
  • aesthetic couple selfies, to be exact
  • “y/n, come take a selfie with me!~” samuel would whine
  • when you refuse, samuel would sneak up from behind you and carry you all the way to bed and snuggle you, kissing you all over your face for a punishment
  • a lovely punishment that you don’t mind
  • and then sneak in an off-guard of you
  • “oh my gosh, my baby looks so cute in this!” samuel squeals as he stares at the off-guard of you in absolute adoration
  • would climb up a tree and fall off your balcony sneak into your room at night just to cuddle with you
  • great listener
  • always finds weird ways to cheer you up
  • like stick chopsticks up his nose
  • or dance to i.o.i songs
  • literally just anything random, he’ll do it just to make you happy
  • did i mention that he has a hUGE thing for your laugh and smile?
  • well, he does, and he LOVES and also LIVES to see your smile and hear your laugh
  • he once filmed a recording of you laughing and set it as his ringtone
  • loves to talk
  • literally
  • he never shuts up
  • you’d have to pull him into a kiss to shut him up
  • burrito dates
  • confident in himself 25/8
  • loves showing you off

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[PD101 S2] MY PICK’s reaction to a sudden backhug (2/?)

part 1 with big woojin, wink boi and daehwi here

BAE JINYOUNG: “…” he stood still without any movements at all.

at first you thought that he had fainted while standing. “jinyoung did you die?” you lightheartedly joked. 


“are you mad? did i hit you too hard when i came running?” your voice drips with concern as you try to swivel around his broad back and get a glimpse of his face.

to your surprise, he was blushing mess. “would it be weird if i said that i liked it a lot?

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KANG DANIEL: as you slam onto his solid back, you yelped at the intensity of the contact. “ouch!” 

daniel turns around with a concerned look on his face. “are you okay?” he gently patted your head. 

“yeah…” you mumbled, “i didn’t realise how much you worked out recently”

daniel grins at the comment. “if this is gonna be a thing, i think i should skip some weights today”

“what? i like your abs” you replied with a straightforward expression.

speechless, daniel could only laugh and pat your head once more.

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KIM SAMUEL: “oh my god! who is that- wait i know who it is” he quickly turns around and locks you into a hug. “hi, i miss you”

smiling, you reciprocated the gesture. “i miss you more”

“hm?!” samuel pulls you away slightly. “that can’t be true because i miss you like- heaps!” 

tilting your head to the side, you hummed and shook your head. “nah i’m pretty sure that i missed you to the moon and back”

“oh god i think i melted a little

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PD101 Reaction to S/O loving skinship

samuel, guanlin, seonho, justin, hyungseob & jihoon reaction to their s/o loving skinship? (like hand holding, hugs and that stuff)

Awe too cute > <

Kim Samuel: A bit startled at first when you grab his hand out of nowhere and hold onto his arm while you guys are walking down the street. He’d just act casual about, act like you guys have held hands before. It would take him a moment to readjust but he would eventually come to terms with your random hand holding, always making sure to swing your guys’ arms or something. He’ll always look at you and just smile to himself even though inside, he’s having one of those ‘oh my god’ moments.

Lai Guanlin: Shy little swag would just stare at you hugging him, being super flustered. At first he’d just smile and laugh a bit to himself. Would probably be crying inside panicking, wondering how he’s even still standing. He would awkwardly hug you back but then your random hugs would become a regular thing. Basically, it would take him a bit to adjust to your random hugs, kisses and hand holding. Probably longer than Samuel. I mean honestly he’s just that shy.

*his facial reaction at first*

Yoo Seonho: Chick trainee would absolutely LOVE it. He’d gladly hug you back, kissing your head probably, and if you just grabbed his hand while taking a walk in the park, he’d swing your guys’ arms and spin you. Basically, he’d take these moments to make sure he makes your heart flutter by making them sweeter than they already are. He loves whenever you randomly hug him or touch his arm while talking to him, etc.

Huang Minghao (Justin): He’d be like Seonho, but more composed. Maybe he’d just hug you back like you guys have always hugged and wouldn’t mind your random arm touches, hand grabs, etc. He’d love it, watching you take his arm while you guys are walking somewhere, or maybe you randomly backhug him because he’s facing away from you and he’ll just love every second of you being a wonderful girlfriend. Probably dying because you’re so cute.

*basically his mental reaction*

Ahn Hyungseob: Um, he would be like shy yet happy. Basically he’d just be a bit confused as to why you’re hugging him so much, but then he’ll realize you just love him and love giving hugs and holding his hand. So, he’d probably always expect some sort of hug from you whenever you guys meet at a date but if you ever don’t he’ll call you out on it. Either way, he’d love you all the same. He never minds a good hug. 


Park Jihoon: Pinky Winky would be flustered like Guanlin but not as flustered. He’d react quickly, probably hugging you back right after you run into his arms. He’d probably be the one who’s most prepared whenever he sees you. It’s like he knows you’re gonna ram into him for a long bear hug or take his arm whenever you drag him to go shopping with you so that you can find him new clothes

*probably him when you randomly hug him*

Gif (and picture) credits go to owners. I couldn’t find a gif of Samuel saying ‘Oh My God’. 


get ugly performance reactions w jihoon, samuel, seongwoo, and daniel | requested