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BTS Reaction ➵ Your Younger Sibling finds him attractive.

BTS Reaction ➵ Meeting your family is something that they had been nervous about, however, it’s soon revealed that a certain member of your family likes him more than he intended. 

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Jin -

After finding out the information, you instantly started to laugh. Jin would offer you an eyebrow raise, questioning the reason for your laughter but you simply shook your head. When the two of you got to the car, you finally told him about the crush your younger sibling had on him and that you didn’t want to embarrass them. 

 “I don’t blame them, I am Worldwide Handsome.” 

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Yoongi - 

When Yoongi was informed by your other sibling about the crush the youngest had on him, Yoongi couldn’t help but smile awkwardly. Knowing that he felt uncomfortable, you wrapped your arm around him to put him at ease. Your sibling wouldn’t take their eyes off of him. Not wanting to embarrass them, you kept your mouth shut but gave subtle glances for them to stop. 

“Well, at least they like me.” 

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Hoseok - 

Literally, when you notified him of the crush your younger sibling had formed on him, his heart would literally melt. He found it adorable rather than weird. He would tease your younger sibling, however, he wouldn’t go too far to the point where they felt too embarrassed.

“That is precious. You are precious! Hug me!” 

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Namjoon - 

After meeting your family a few times, Namjoon was already aware of the crush your younger sibling had on him. You were actually the embarrassed one because you assumed that he found it awkward and cringed whenever your sibling ‘subtly’ complimented him. 

“Chill Y/n, they’re only speaking the truth.”

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Jimin - 

You knew how awkward Jimin got when it came to meeting your family. He’s met them several times in the past and each time, you took notice of how shy he got, especially after finding out about the crush your younger sibling had on him. So, what did you do? Teased him of course. 

“I am not embarrassed. They are much younger than me! They should be the embarrassed one!”

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Taehyung - 

Much like Hoseok, his heart melted when you claimed that your younger sibling had a crush on him. He began to notice the signs and felt his heart literally crumble, it was so cute to him. He wouldn’t mention it and simply laugh it off, but on the inside, he was trying not to cry from cuteness overload. 

“Aww isn’t that cute.” I want to literally squish their cheeks!

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Jungkook - 

Smile and nod. Jungkook had no idea how to react when your parent joked about the crush, your sibling had on him so, he simply smiled and nodded. You, on the other hand, had been dying from laughter since the minute you found out about the crush. His awkwardness just made things ten times funnier to you.

“Would you stop laughing. How the fuck am I supposed to let the kid down easy?” 

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↳ a dance with the devil under the pale moon.

 ◇ namjoon x reader
 ◇ smut | demon!au
 ◇ 6.6k 

notes: i have, quite literally, been sitting on this fic for nine months. i’ve carried this thing to a full-term pregnancy. it’s undergone two title changes and three rewrites and honestly i still kinda hate it but i’m tired of reworking it so here ya go!!! i’m gonna go crawl into bed and sleep for a week!!!

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warnings: dirty talk, thigh riding, oral, some choking oops, dom/sub themes, light bondage aka your hands are restrained, joon’s literally the devil lmao

When you meet the Devil for the first time, it isn’t on some lonely, twisting back road in the middle of nowhere. It isn’t in a darkened bar or a pulsating club on a forgettable Friday night.

No, you bump into the Devil—quite literally—in the library on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, somewhere between science fiction and literary classics. The impact sends you sprawling to the ground, the scratchy carpet rough underneath your palms as you prepare to push yourself back to your feet with an apology ready on your lips, but the sight of the man standing before you leaves you breathless and gasping to recall the contrite words you’d prepared.

To say that he’s breathtaking would be an understatement. Tall and slender with ashy silver hair, he looks completely unruffled despite the earlier collision. He’s holding Dante’s Inferno delicately in one hand—which, in retrospect, is an exceptionally appropriate choice of reading material—and perhaps that should have been your first indicator of his true identity.

Instead, it takes a coffee date—instigated by him as an apology—and a conversation with your next-door neighbor, Seokjin, to convince you that the seemingly innocuous man from the library was, indeed, the Devil. Despite consistently erring on the side of paranoia, Jin’s knowledge on demonology cannot be matched. And when you tell him the name of the man you’d just shared coffee with, his brown eyes widen to almost comic proportions.

Namjoon? Did you say Namjoon?

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Hae Soo as Y/N…? 

BTS renewing their contract for another 7 years & Lee Ji Eun & LJK being reunited on Knowing Brothers. My hand was itching to do this 😂

Please note that I am only taking the talents of each Prince into consideration & pairing them with BTS that is all. Kinda wanted to include Wang Mu too..


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👬 the doppelgänger » answers
╰  things get complicated for namjoon when his doppelgänger arrives at BH university, threatening his chances at something more with the girl that he’s in love with

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au masterlist 〽️

Dating Kim SeokJin Would Include

-Snacking 24/7

-texting/facetiming all the time

-pretending to be pro dancers at 2 am

-midnight adventures aka going to eat tacos

-crying over how handsome he is

-questioning how you got so lucky

-sending him memes of himself

-pretending to faint at the sight of him

-helping you understand Korean better

-you teaching him your native language (Spanish for me)

-movie dates at the dorm

-surprising him at fan meets often pretending to stan one of the boys

-seeing who can come up with the best puns/jokes

-back hugs

-lots of skinship

-seeing who can make the best tortillas a mano (handmade) after reaching him how to make them

-teaching him how to dance to cumbia

-kdarma marathons

-missing each other while his on tour or you are visiting your home country

-forehead kisses

-teasing you because you are shorter than him

-calling him papi whenever he does something that turns you on

-texting him why he’s trying to kill you with his handsome self

-coffee dates wearing hideous disguises

-seeing who can come up with worst disguise

-singing at random times

-supporting him

-making him watch la rosa de Guadalupe with you

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Written in the Stars V

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“The DNA in my blood is telling me

That it’s you who I’ve been looking for.”


Group: BTS

Member: RM

Genre: soulmate au

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The next couple of days were spent sprucing up your resume and browsing the internet for jobs that were hiring. Namjoon had sounded final about your grade, which meant your scholarship would be thrown out the window. To be honest, you were scared. You felt like your days as a student at the university were numbered, now that Namjoon knew the truth. The future you had so carefully planned out all these years was now uncertain.

The ball was in his court now, and you dreaded going to your next poetry class.

When you stepped into the classroom, Namjoon gave no indication that anything had changed. No glance in your direction, nothing. You took your usual seat at the desk and opened up your laptop. You were still going to do your best for this course. Hopefully if you aced everything moving forward you could do some damage control with your poor midterm grade.

“That concludes today’s class,” Namjoon said. You began to put away your things, wanting to leave as briskly as you could. You heard your name come from Namjoon’s lips and glanced up. “May I have a word with you before you go?”

You packed your things more slowly. Whatever Namjoon had to say, you were sure it would be better with fewer people around.

After the majority of people had left, you walked up to Namjoon, adjusting your bag over your shoulder. You tried to steady your rapid heartbeat as you stood in front of him. “Yes?”

The last of your classmates had trickled out the door, leaving you alone.

“I thought you’d want this back,” he said, and held out your handwritten essay. “And to see your new grade.”

Your eyes widened in disbelief before you reached out and took your essay. At the top you saw a 95/100.

“I docked you five marks for submitting it late,” he said with a wink.

You groaned, but were so relieved. It felt like all the stress you’d felt since the beginning of the semester suddenly lifted from your shoulders.

“Some other students also wrote about my father, to try to get in my good books I think. But your essay sounded like you’d actually read his writing and enjoyed it. Your analysis was thorough and well-written.”

“Thank you,” you said, and felt like you could dance around the room with how happy you were to no longer have a zero. You even felt a little playful. “You know, I could just change this to a one hundred and no one would be able to tell the difference.”

He smiled, but his voice was serious. “Would it be too much to ask for you to show me your writing? So I can see for myself.”

It was another one of the rare vulnerable moments you’d witnessed from him. Like he’d said in his office, he’d been hurt in the past by people lying to him about their writing. You didn’t hesitate any longer to show him the truth.

You stepped over to the blackboard and used the chalk to write just three words. Then you moved aside to let him see.

His smile reached all the way to his eyes, seeing the confession of your love on the board. “Come here,” he whispered, and opened his arms to you.

You rushed over and wrapped your arms around his middle, burying your face in his warm chest. His arms were big and strong, and you felt every worry leave your body as he embraced you. This is what you’d been longing for since you first saw him.

“Sometimes I really really hate myself,” he murmured. “But being around you seems to make everything better. I felt a spark with you at the beginning of the semester, but you kept giving me mixed signals so I didn’t know if I was just imagining everything or not.”

You wanted to console him, assure him of your feelings. Your bond. So you brought your lips to the bottom of his jaw, as that was the only part of his face you could reach.

He gave you a shy smile, before he cupped your face between his large hands. He dipped his head so he could bring his lips to yours, and the contact lit your soul aflame.

It started as a chaste kiss, but before too long all the pent-up frustration you both felt since the beginning of the semester took over. It had been hard for you to stay away all this time, and you felt it was the same for him. He kissed you more deeply, and you found yourself submitting to him, opening your mouth to him. He groaned against your lips, breath hot. Your bag slipped from your shoulder onto the floor but you hardly even took notice.

His arms were back around you, and he held tightly, lifting you until you were seated atop his desk. He caught your bottom lip between his teeth and you gasped. It hadn’t hurt, if anything it took you by surprise, but he kissed you more gently after, and brought his hands back to cup your face as if he was afraid he might break you. He settled between your legs and you sighed. Nothing had felt more right than being this close to him.


You tore away from each other, and you glanced away from Najmoon to see one of the girls from your class standing in the doorway. A moment later she was gone, certain, you were sure, to go tell the dean what she had just witnessed.

scary love

Pairings: Kim namjoon x reader also mafia au

Genre: Suggestive, mentions of violence, slight angst bc we love crying, FLUFF

Summary:  Namjoon only knew violence but tht completely changed when he met you.

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Some real cute Namjoon moments
  • The king of soft right heRE FOLKS

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  • Look at him

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  • Protect hiM

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  • Fight me fight me fiGHT ME

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  • This man is literally about to make me cry with how cute he is

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Updated: 03/06/2018

Kim Seokjin

Down For The Count  (YG, JH, RM, JM, V, JK)

A  Jealous Jinnie

Min Yoongi

Down For The Count (SJ, JH, RM, JM, V, JK)

Sunday Morning Routine


A Nice Little Taste

A Good Morning Indeed

Knotted Up 

Crowd Please (One, Two)

Jung Hoseok

A Small Distraction

Down For The Count  (SJ, YG, RM, JM, V, JK)

He Was…Excited?

Kim Namjoon


Down For The Count (SJ, YG, JH , JM, V, JK)

Such A Bother

Park Jimin

Down For The Count  (SJ, YG, JHRM, V, JK)

Quiet As A Mouse

Recounts Of A Magical Night

Kim Taehyung

Talk Dirty To Me 

Nice Guys Finish…Early?


Down For The Count (SJ, YG, JH, RM, JMJK)

Taehyung’s Home Videos

The Birthday Boys (ft. Joshua Hong)

How To Get A Girl Off 101 (ft. Jeon Jungkook)

Noona’a Golden Rule

Jeon Jungkook

Missing The Real Thing…

Down For Tthe Count  (SJYG, JH, RM, JM, V,)

The  Vanilla Chronicles (SJ, YG, JH, RM, JM, V,)

The Birthday Boy (One, Two, Three)

How To Get A Girl Off 101 (ft. Kim Taehyung)

** The Masterlist will be updated as I post more smuts involving BTS

** Every link should be working, it should be mobile friendly, if a link is not working or does not lead to the right story please tell me!!

Something that’s been really pissing me off lately

The fact that Namjoon had to turn around and look at the screen to see what member the crowd was cheering for— like he must I have thought “there is no way they are screaming for me like that.” — and the face he made when he realized the screams were for him.

That broke my heart that Namjoon is used to people not cheering just as loud for him. He looked so shocked when he realized those cheers were for him.

Some of you really have the nerve to call yourself an army and not cheer for Namjoon? Stop lying to yourself you’re not a part of army.

The fact that he has to encourage people to sing along— you’re pathetic for not doing so in the first place

Namjoon should be getting loud cheers just like all the others, he shouldn’t have to tell people multiple times to sing with him at a concert.

Namjoon has done so fucking much for us and if you don’t appreciate him you are not part of this fandom— there are literally two requirements to be an Army

~ Love all 7 equally

~ enjoy the music

It’s not that fucking hard.

Don’t You Know How To Knock?

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Warnings: Adult Content/Smut

“Goodnight, Joonie!” you called as the two of you went to opposite sides of the apartment.

“Goodnight, Y/N”.

A night out with your roommate was just the thing you needed after a long, stressful week. Namjoon was always down for a good time plus you liked going out with him because it warded off unwanted attention from potential creeps. Everyone always just assumed the two of you were together.

At first, you were nervous about your current living situation. When Hoseok told you his friend was looking for a new roommate, you immediately jumped at the opportunity to get out of your shitty apartment.

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BTS Masterlist

[M] = Mature Content / Smut 




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