How Hyung Line would: Cuddle


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Seokjin ✭

~ super cuddly all the time

~ likes to hold you tight

~ nuzzles his face into your hair

~ likes feeling you close to him

~ will hold you in place and make dad jokes

~ “Jinnie let me goooo”

~ “never.”

~ if you two fall asleep cuddling you’ll wake up in the same position

~ he drools a lil so you’ll tease him constantly for it

~ lots of kisses

~ and tickle attacks

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Yoongi ✭

~ actually a cuddle monster

~ wants to cuddle every chance he gets

~ bear hugs you when cuddling

~ usually the big spoon

~ but loves being the small spoon and burying his face in your chest

~ hugs you so hard he could kill you

~ presses his cheek to the top of your head

~ makes cute little humming noises

~ likes kissing your forehead while cuddling

~ booping noses

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Hoseok ✭

~ sprawls out

~ like when you lay on top of him

~ pats your hair

~ runs his fingers up and down your back

~ catches you off guard and turns over

~ bringing you along with him

~ “Hobi warm me next time!

~ kisses the top of your head (just like with Tae ;-;)

~ get really soft when cuddling you

~ for some reason it just makes his heart melt

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Namjoon ✭

~ big spoon

~ wraps his arms tightly around your waist

~ nuzzles his face into your hair

~ and neck

~ and shoulder

~ Places kisses wherever he can reach

~ loves how you feel against him

~ always wears soft clothes so your comfy

~ you do the same

~ if you cuddle face to face he loves when you snuggle into his chest

~ did I mention it was real soft ASDFGHJKL

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BTS Reactions To You Giving Them a Hickey

Another request from a lovely anon! It’s never too late to get naughty naughty isn’t?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


“How dare you to mark my perfect and flawless skin?!” He would scold you playfully looking to the mirror on the morning. The night before was suppose to be just a lovely cuddle night, but the kisses end up getting a little bit… steamy. “I don’t think that any foundation can cover this mess that you did, little lady. Be ready to your punishment” SeokJin pointed to you, that was giggling softly on the bed, still covered by the messy sheets.

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Let’s be honest, it isn’t that hard to make a hickey in that perfect snowy pretty skin that Suga have. So when he saw the hickey on the morning, he wouldn’t be that surprise. “Oh well” YoonGi said while passing his long fingers through the purple mark “At least no one can say that you don’t love me, right?” He looked at your sleeping figure, letting a little smile escape from his lips.

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This could go on two ways: Either can he be completely loud and dramatic over the little purple mark, almost screaming with you (in a playful way, of course) Acting like you murdered someone in front of him. Or he would be completely cocky the entire fucking day, showing off to the members how much his wonderful girlfriend loved him.

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He would love it, no doubts. Nam doesn’t exactly care if someone could see that or if he would be teased by the others, he would love to see the little “love mark” on his neck. “You didn’t told me that you are good at making these ones, Jagi” He would say smirking and winking at you “Good job”.

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You know the lyrics of Cheer Up, from Twice? “Chingureul mannaneura
shy, shy, shy”
This would be him after seeing what you have done. He would wear a scarf even if is hot outside, being afraid that someone could see the purple spots on his neck going to his shoulder “Aigo Jagi! Look what you done!” JiMin would say while giggling of shyness “What will happen if the boys see this?”

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He would quite enjoy the little marks. His famous grin would appear as his fingers passed on top of the hickeys, his mind would remember every single detail from the night before, since the sweet kisses you both shared to when he got those lovely marks from you “I have to admit these are one of the most beautiful arts you ever did on me. I like it, kitten”

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Prepare yourself for a lot of teasing and (sweet) bullshit coming from him, because this just boosted his ego and he just turned into JungCocky (Bad pun with double meaning). Our maknae would brag to his hyungs about how much his girlfriend craved for him and how much he made you fell good, and of course you would smack his head in the end.

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Tell Me Your Lies pt. 10

Pairing: Poly!BTS x Reader

Word Count: Unkown

Warning(s): a tiny bit of angst, more fluff in the future?

Note: This chapter might seem a little hard to follow? I’m not sure. I just feel my writing style might have made this chapter disorganized. I’ll keep trying to make my writing style better so that you guys can enjoy this series more. Thank you again to those who sent words of appreciation, they always make my day better and they motivate me to do better. Thank you, and again, feel free to send feedback and any advice <3

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Parts:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Quick Synopsis: Even the sweetest of angels will sin

“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry, so sorry,” Namjoon muttered over and over, clutching your delicate body to his chest , his eyes closed in agony. He looked like a mad man, holding you close to him as he repeated his mantra multiple times, placing a soft kiss on the top of your head.

The others looked at their leader with pain in their eyes. They knew that forcing him to use his powers on you was slowly killing him from the inside for he swore never to use his powers on his mate ever since one of his previous mates nearly died from him being unstable, but they knew that it was the only safe option left to calm you down and keep you at the dorms.

“Namjoon?….. Joon?….. please, let me take (y/n) back to her room, she can-,”

“No,” Namjoon gritted out, interrupting Seokjin with his stern cold voice. He had stopped trembling and now stared venomously at Seokjin. His eyes were still a warm brown, but it was clear that the emerald green tint was slowly starting to become prominent. The others in the room immediately tensed. They all knew that out of all the members, Namjoon’s ability was the strongest for he had the most control over his emotions.

“O-okay uh….. how about y-you take her back to her room?….” Hoseok stuttered out, carefully choosing his words. Namjoon’s eyes flickered to Hoseok before looking back down at your sleeping face. Namjoon silently nodded before scooping you up into his arms, slowly standing up as he held you close to him. He didn’t say a single word as he began to make his way down the hallway, bringing your sleeping body to your room.

“We need to have a meeting, right now,” Jimin said as he heard the door down the hallway shut, causing the remaining males to tear their gazes from where Namjoon and you just were.

“What about Namjoon?” Taehyung quietly questioned, tense and alert.

“He’s too unstable to reason with at the moment, we’ll discuss things with him when he’s back to normal. For now we need to focus on what the hell we’re going to do with (y/n). She’s terrified of us and we can’t use the soulmate thing to justify everything since we can’t even say that word in front of her,” Jimin huffed out, annoyance written across his face.

“C-can we ask Namjoon to adjust her memory to make the whole dinning room event more pleasant or something,” Taehyung wondered, his eyes meeting the five other members.

“No, no more of that shit. You saw what it did to Namjoon in just a few seconds, and I’m pretty sure our mate won’t like us messing with her mind,” Seokjin retaliated, crossing his chest as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

“Then what do you suggest we do?” Jimin inquired, lifting his eyebrows in question.

“….. we just have to show her that she can trust us. If we can’t tell her about the soulmate and curse stuff, then we just got to work with what we have and hope the soulmate bond will do the rest,” Seokjin said, bitting the inside of his cheek as he formulated his plan.

“ Yoongi, call (y/n)’s work place and inform them that (y/n) is sick and might be out for a while. Hoseok, call Bang PD nim and tell him to extend our break, say that it’s urgent. If he tries to refuse, hand me the phone. We have at best one week to fix this shit,” Seokjin barked out, his shoulders tense as he tried to think the plan thoroughly.

Hoseok went back to the the kitchen to use the dorm’s common phone while Yoongi took out his phone to start dialing your workplace. Jimin stood impatiently to the side while Jungkook stood rigidly and emotionless next to the older male.

“I’m going back down to the gym….” Jungkook monotonously said, not waiting for the others to answer as he headed for the stairs that led to the basement.

“We need to keep a closer eye on him. Poor kid is literally beating himself up,” Seokjin muttered, his worried eyes following the young member.

“I’ll regularly check on him, “ Jimin replied, his gaze also fixed on Jungkook.

They were all tense and worried for what the next week might bring.


Your dream was a mess. You were falling in an eternal cycle but your body had suddenly come into contact with another person. You look to see who caught you, only to be met with seven gazes. The body of each the seven beings was coated in golden ashes, covering the silk black that lay underneath. Their eyes were all different colors, captivating you in their trance. Their faces were a blank canvas, the golden ashes hiding away their unique figures. Just as you were about to reach out and touch them, they vanished, the sound of flapping wings echoing through the entire place. You were left all alone in a cold dark room, the deafening silence driving you insane. A sharp slicing sound shattered the silence, causing you to cover your ears as the sound increased in pitch and volume. Just as you felt like you were going to pass out, you woke up from your dream. Sweat accumulating on your forehead.

Where am I?

You looked around at your surroundings.

“…..I’m back at the dorms…. how’d I get here?” You asked yourself, your head pounding with a painful headache. As if a switch was turned on, the events from the dinning room came rushing back at you. The way they each looked at you. The power they each had.

They can kill me…….

You whipped your head to look at the clock at the bed side.

10:37 P.M.

I need to get out of here

Just as you rolled out of bed and tried to put your shoes on, you felt a wave of déjà vu hit you. You remembered struggling to open the door, you crying to yourself as Namjoon used his powers on you.

What the hell am I going to do….

You abandoned your shoes as you slowly crept to the room’s door, hoping that your footsteps would be quiet enough so no one could hear you. You heard nobody in the hallway as you slowly pushed your door open a bit. When you stuck your head out, the entire hallway was dark, the only light came from the windows of the living room. You were tense as you carefully made your way to the living room, your body being covered by the light the moon shined on you.

There has to be another way out

You softly padded around, looking for a new exit. You knew that the front door was useless now and that the only way out would be an extra back door. You spied a little door in the far corner of the living room, tucked in a short hallway. You always thought it was just a coat closet but your mind was telling you it wasn’t. The wooden floors silently groaned as you passed over them, your footsteps stopping right in front of the door.

Your shaky hand went to reach out for the golden knob as you silently prayed that luck was on your side. As you turned the handle and slowly opened the door, a dark stairwell appeared before you, darkness surrounding the bottom steps.

….maybe there’s an exit down here

You left the door open as you began to descend down, using the wall to guide you through the dark room. Just as you made it to the bottom step, a voice caused you to freeze.


Adrenaline and fear rushed over your body. You were too afraid to move, shock paralyzing your body. The hum of electricity filled the silent room as the lights began to flicker on, revealing what appeared to be a workout room. Your eyes widened with fear as you saw Jungkook standing a few feet away from you, surrounded by glass and broken light bulbs.

You couldn’t help it as you began to tremble before the male. Flashes of memories of when he pinned you against the wall replayed themselves over and over in your head.

“W-what…. what are you doing down here? Why aren’t you sleeping?,” Jungkook carefully asked, his body instinctively taking one step forward.

A whimper accidentally left your mouth, your heart rate picking up as you noticed the male stepping towards you. Jungkook’s eyes were filled with so much pain, his heart breaking as he heard your whimper.

“……please…. don’t be afraid…. I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry for what I did last time, I never meant to hurt you….I-I,” Jungkook’s voice cracked as he tried to get his words out. Tears beginning to flow from his eyes as he saw your trembling form.


In matter of seconds, Jungkook collapsed onto his knees as he stared down at the floor, a sob breaking through him. He repeatedly apologized to you, his hands coming up to cover his face. He was hunched over as his entire body shook from his sobs. The lights in the room began to flicker slightly, but you didn’t notice as you stared at the crying male before you. 

You were caught off guard as you felt tears falling down your cheeks. You had begun to cry without knowing. Your previous thoughts of finding an escape were blocked by the images of Jungkook crying on his knees before you.

You didn’t know what was going on, but you suddenly felt a sharp pain start to wrap around your heart, causing you to loose your breath quickly. Panic began to settle in as your breathing became shorter.

Why can’t I breath, what’s happening now?

You suddenly had the urge to go over and comfort Jungkook. Sadness washing over you as you saw the young male cry more. Your body began to move on its own accord, bringing you closer to Jungkook. You paused mid way as you realized your actions.

No no no what am I doing? He can hurt me….. but I feel like I need his touch right now, I feel like I need to comfort him.

Your thoughts were cut off as another wave of extreme pain spread all over your chest, causing you to wince . You began to ignore your thoughts and continued your trek towards Jungkook, his shoulders still shaking as he cried. The pain in your chest began to increase in intensity, nearly sending you to your knees.

I need him, I need to be in his arms….

You had unawarely crouched down and placed your hands on both sides of Jungkook’s face, causing the male to freeze from your contact. The moment you touched him, the pain that had struck your heart immediately disappeared. You could finally breath again. It was as if Jungkook was your elixir.

The young male looked up at you with puffy red eyes, a slight gold tint lining his irises. You didn’t notice as you rubbed your thumbs across his cheeks, wiping away a few tears. One of Jungkook’s hands reached up to grasp one of your wrists, causing small sparks to travel down your arm. The sparks were soft, playful, almost addicting. They caused your skin to hum with happiness. They brought you pleasure without you knowing.

“I-it’s okay Jungkook…. i-i…. I forgive you,” you softly said, staring into his hazel brown eyes.

Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise as your words softly left your lips.

“Y-you do?”

You silently nodded your head, sending the young male a small smile as you did so. You were immediately pulled into Jungkook’s embrace as he quickly held you flush against him, your head resting against his chest, the sound of his heartbeat filling your ears.

This is all wrong… but it feels so…. right

You continued to ignore your thoughts as you felt a wave of calmness wash over you. You felt like you belonged in Jungkook’s arms.

The young male began to sob once again as he buried his face in your neck.

“I won’t hurt you ever again, I’m so sorry,” Jungkook managed out, his voice shaky as sobs raked his body.

Your arms had instinctively wrapped around Jungkook’s neck, bringing him closer to you as you melted into his touch. At this point all logic and reasoning was abandoned. You just wanted Jungkook. You just wanted him.


The light that filtered through the room caused you to stir out of your sleep. You drowsily turned away from the sun as you buried your face into the warmth that enveloped you.

“ Morning beautiful,” Jungkook chuckled out, wrapping his arms around you in a tighter embrace.

You sleepily snuggled into his chest more, muttering a morning back at him.

Last night was a blur.

After Jungkook had finally calmed down from crying, the sound of his sniffles being the only thing echoing through the room, he suggested that you go back to sleep since it was so late. You softly nodded in agreement but made no move to let go of him. His touch was addicting and his scent was intoxicating. You didn’t want to let him go.

Your entire brain was fuzzy at that moment. You knew that your body was acting against your mind, ignoring every protest you voiced to yourself, but you couldn’t deny the calmness and relief that washed over your body as you stayed in Jungkook’s embrace. By this point, you had given up on fighting against your desire for Jungkook. It was as if fate was playing tricks on you.

Jungkook’s chuckle suddenly brought you out of your thoughts and back to the gym room you were in.

“Do you want me to carry you back to your room?” He questioned, leaning back a little to look at your face.

You slightly blushed as he stared lovingly at you. He smiled as he saw your cheeks become rosy, gathering you up in his arms as he stood up, holding you in a bridal style. He began to make his trek back to your room, humming a random tune that reminded you of one of the covers he had done before. The vibrations from his humming made you feel sleepy, your eyes beginning to droop a little.

As Jungkook made it to your door, he began to slow down, hesitantly reaching out for the handle. His hand grasped the golden knob, but he was reluctant to turn it. He too didn’t want to let you go.

“….. (y/n)?…”

“Hmm” you sleepily hummed out.

“C-can you…. can you stay with me tonight?…… you don’t have to it’s just…. it’s just I’ve missed you a lot and…..” Jungkook’s voice began to trail off as a small blush began to creep upon his cheeks. He was glad the hallway was simply lit so that you didn’t see the effect you had on him.

You quietly yawned as you snuggled into Jungkook’s chest more, drowsily nodding your head in response to Jungkook’s question. Jungkook was quick to let go of the door’s handle, his feet softly padding down to his room. After he entered his bedroom, he made his way to his bed, gently placing you under his covers. His scent was everywhere. You slowly snuggled into the covers, sleep beginning to take over. You felt the bed dip on the opposite side of you, immediately feeling Jungkook’s strong arms wrapping around you.

“….. I’ve missed you so much” Jungkook whispered into the dark, placing a soft kiss on the top of your head. You were already asleep by then though.

Jungkook pulled your sleeping body closer to him, closing his eyes as he held you. He felt at peace finally.

Now you were laying in his arms, feeling content with the moment. You were suddenly jolted from your moment of happiness by the sound of crashes coming from the other side of the room’s door.

Jungkook tensed as he heard the crashes too.

Jungkook tensed as he heard the crashes too.

“Stay here,” he mumbled out, rolling out of bed with his messy hair as he went to check what was going on outside.

“Where is she?!”

“I don’t know! She wasn’t in her room!”

“Fucking find her then!”

“Stop yelling then!”

You frowned in confusion.

Were they looking for me?

You quietly got out of bed, waking to the door that was slightly open. Jungkook was standing in the middle of the hallway as he watched something going on in the living room. You secretly crept behind him, looking to the side to see what was going on. A soft gasp left your mouth as you saw the living room. It was torn apart to say the least. Couches turned over. Chairs pushed against the wall. The table seemed to be broken.

“I told you one of us should’ve stayed up to keep an eye on her!”

“We were all fucking tired! What’d you expect us to do!?”

Jungkook turned around, ready to go get you, but was surprised when he saw you hiding behind him.

“Oh, you’re already out of bed. The others are….uh… looking for you,” He sheepishly said, rubbing the back of his neck.

You silently nodded, kind of afraid of everything going on in the living room. Jungkook noticed your fear and instantly frowned.

“Go back into the room for now, I’ll tell them that you’re with me, okay?”

You silently nodded and quickly went back into Jungkook’s room, closing the door behind you.

The commotion outside went silent before a few footsteps began to approach the door’s room. You began to hear muffled voices coming from the other side of the door. You could barely hear what was being said.

“Let me see her”

“No, you’re going to scare her”

“Says the one who pinned her to the wall and nearly made her pass out from frightening her”

“I don’t care if you’re older than me, I won’t fucking hesitate to hit you”

“Step out of the way Jungkook”

“Fuck off Jin”

“I swear to god you little sh-“

A grunt and crash echoed through the door. You heard the sound of punches being thrown. You instinctively got out of bed to see what happened, worried for the boys. As you opened the door, you were met with the site of Jimin slamming Jungkook against the wall, gripping his shirt. Seokjin stood to the side, knowing that if he stepped in now, he would just make things worse. You saw no other members around.

The others must be deep sleepers…..

Jimin began to throw punches at Jungkook, rage taking over him.

“(Y/N)! Watch out!” Seokjin yelled, a hand reaching out for you.

At that moment Jungkook had pushed Jimin off of him, sending the older male towards you without knowing. Jimin’s back crashed into you, resulting in you stumbling against the wall. Jimin’s weight crushed you, causing you to yelp in pain as your body took the impact of Jimin’s fall. The moment your yelp reached the ears of the two angry males, they immediately froze.

You heard a door slam shut and heavy footsteps approaching the scene. You were too busy rubbing your arm in pain.

Dammit there’s going to be a bruise there.

You suddenly froze as you heard Yoongi’s voice echo through the hallway. You didn’t dare to look up.

“What the fuck is going on?” Yoongi asked, his voice sending shivers down your spine. Although he wasn’t yelling, you could tell that anger lied behind his voice.

The hallway suddenly became freezing as you heard Yoongi’s footsteps come closer to where Jungkook and Jimin stood.

You felt that hell was probably warmer than where you were right now.

Yoongi : *breathes*

me : 🖤❣️💗💖💚💓😻🧡💝💙💜💘💕😽🖤💖❤️💗❣️💓💘💞💙💛💜💚💖❤️🖤😻💛💜💙💝😽💘💞❤️💗🖤💞💜💝💙🧡❤️💕😽❣️🧡💛💙💜😻💖💝💓🖤💕💞🖤💖💛

  • Yoongi: Did Jimin just tell me he loved me for the very first time?
  • Namjin: Yes.
  • Yoongi: And did I just do finger guns back?
  • Namjin: Yes.