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I love Peta's last pic with maks it's really cute. It does remind me of when Kim k posted a similar photo of her and kanye and captioned it "side chicks be like" lol it was really funny.

hahah if peta were unknowingly maks’ side chick she’d be the best to ever do it tbh, like you’d just have to applaud. maks’ world revolves her, I don’t see a sliver of room for his main 👌🏻 nice work, p 👏🏻

Khloe Kardashian, folle de rage sur Twitter

La petite soeur de Kim K a remis un internaute à sa place sur Twitter. La jeune femme de 32 ans a été accusée de porter malheur à l'équipe de son petit ami, le basketteur Tristan Thomson.Très mauvaise idée !

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What can be said about drug taking is that society hates it, parents are anxious about it being normalised. Kim k was made into a star for so long because society accepts what she stands for no drugs,no smoking,no alcholol basically a sweet girl who made mistakes - Gigi and Bella r having hard time getting to that level of fame since they are in a grey area with 'mental health issues that affect teenagers like anorexia and hard drugs suspicion, people dont know what to make of them. No trust (1)

Especially Gigi was getting to stardom, people wanted someone to obsess about that is not a kardasian but she disappointed by staying in the grey area. The grey area is actually ok for men as it makes them misterous but doesn’t work for women and people are now waiting for confirmation of her drug intake to kick her out and start obsessing on a new person she has so far gained from being in a relationship but that won’t matter later on (2)

You can see the publications are trying out bella but coming with nothing. if she separates herself and becomes merticulous in what she is doing and keeps people talking, I can see bella becoming a thing and Gigi being ignored after zayn’s done with her. Only thing keeping people interested in Gigi right now is her relationship. Too bad but true. She has nothing to offer and on top a cloudy suspicion of hard drugs no one wants their kids emulating that (3)

Wow. Thanks for blessing us with all this knowledge. I feel so saved. -C

I… want to know how your brain works. - M

I found out that the Kim K. Game got updated so I re-downloaded it to see how it looks now. It’s pretty clean and so nice. I love the customization now parang sa Kendall & Kylie na game na.

I remember how I addicted I was to this game when it came out. I’ve reached the A-List twice when I restarted the game. I restarted it again and hopefully do other things.


【羅開新聞中心Minsey Weng綜合報導】相較於松山英樹(Hideki Matsuyama)季末打出五戰四勝的氣勢,池田勇太(Yuta Ikeda)的冠軍運似乎差了點,最近五場比賽吞下三個第二名,包括剛剛落幕的Golf Nippon Series JT Cup(日巡年終大賽),不過如願拿下生涯首座日巡賽獎金王,並成為十五年來單季獎金收入最高的日本第一。

來自千葉縣的池田勇太,曾經在2009年與石川遼(Ryo Ishikawa)上演史上最年輕的獎金王爭霸戰,那一年共贏得四勝,不過最後以近二千五百萬日圓的差距敗北,隔年又製造了絕佳的機會,但單季四勝顯然還不夠好,年終排名甚至落居第四。

池田勇太接下來每年剛好都贏得一勝,但就在邁入三字頭族群的球季發威了,雖然三勝不如2009和2010年的四勝,不過在六場第二名的助攻下,全年共進帳207,901,567日圓,史上排名第四,僅次於2001年伊澤利光(Toshimitsu Izawa)的217,934,583日圓,以及尾崎將司(Masashi Ozaki)分別在1994和1996年的215,468,000和209,646,746日圓。

事實上,池田勇太在上半年還落後金庚泰(K.T. Kim)三千七百八十二餘萬日圓,但九月中起愈打愈好,十二次出賽贏得兩勝,外加六個第二名,終於在加入日巡賽的第九個年頭攻佔龍頭寶座。

池田勇太所拿下的三勝為Panasonic Open Golf Championship(日本松下公開賽)、Honma Tourworld Cup at Trophia Golf(巡迴世界盃)和Casio World Open(世界公開賽),而第二名中的Japan Open Golf Championship(日本公開賽)和Dunlop Phoenix Tournament(鳳凰盃高球賽)分別敗給松山英樹和Brooks Koepka(布魯克斯•柯普卡)兩位世界排名頂尖的美巡賽高手。

同樣贏得三勝的谷原秀人(Hideto Tanihara),一度靠著十一月初的Heimwa PGM Championship(平和錦標賽)封王之作,登上獎金榜領先寶座,不過後來被贏得世界公開賽的池田勇太超前。谷原秀人的唯一機會只剩下年終大賽,並在開局領先群雄,可惜中間兩天沒打好,等到尾盤攻下六十四桿已經太遲了,以兩桿之差名列第五,獎金榜以171,902,867日圓名列第二。