One And Only | Kim Junmyeon (II)

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genre: highschool!au/demon!au/fluff (?)/teacherxstudent

warnings: I wrote this after a run. 

Author’s Note:  I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long. This part is very sort but it’s a cotiuation to Part 1 which you can find here. :) 

My mind was reeling all day. I was completely out of focus and trying to figure out what I was going to do and why I wanted to see him again. With the way my teachers smirked at me each period I couldn’t shake a growing feeling at the back of my mind. He wanted to meet me at Lunch, will what happened today repeat? Does he just want sex for a little while and then he’ll get bored of me? If that’s all it is I think I can live with it but as lunch approached the feeling only got stronger and stronger.

I knocked sharply twice on his brown door which was incidently shut again. The door moved open and I slowly stepped into his office for the second time today. “Sir?” I squeaked out. “Come sit doll”. I kept my head down as I sat on the leather chairs opposite him. “Do you not have anything to eat?” I looked up at him confused. “Pardon?" 

"Your lunch, food, sustenance whatever you wish to refer to it as. Don’t you have any?”. I widened my eyes slightly in understanding. “Um, it’s upstairs in class” I forced out. He just shook his head and sighed. “Yixing go fetch Ms. Y/L/N’s lunch please”. I looked behind me to see Mr.Zhang nodding before disappearing from sight and returning with my lunch. “Here you go, Y/N” he chuckled slightly before leaving.

I sat there unsure of what to do. I saw Mr.Kim open a cupboard filled with what looked like wine bottles and pour himself a glass. Mr. Kim sat himself in front of me. “Eat.” He said gesturing to my lunch. I hesitated still slightly confused but nevertheless I opened my lunch up and began to slowly eat though I wasn’t particularily hungry. I finished about half my lunch before Mr.Kim began to speak. “So, do you like eating?” I almost choked on my food and giggled softly asking a “What is that?” before straightening myself up and looking at him seriously again.

He appeared slightly embarrassed before telling me “I was trying to make conversation”. I raised an eyebrow. “I do enjoy eating as a matter of fact” I said going along with it. “Ah. We don’t need to eat.” He said curtly before sipping more of his wine. “I like learning more” I said softly taking another bite of my food. “Learning what?” He enquires. “Anything, the ocean, the skies, math, history. I like knowing many things” He hummed and nodded. “Do you know anything about people like me?” I shook my head. “Besides in story books nothing” He nodded and we ate in silence.

As I was finishing up he spoke again. “I sense confusion from you” I scoffed internally. “Well, I didn’t think you’d call me down just to eat. I thought we would- "We would what?” Mr. Kim asked with a sly grin on his face and hands under his chin. I felt my face heat up and stuttered for a bit before he spoke “Come here baby doll”. I looked up to see him patting his lap. I slowly made my way out of the chair and gently placed myself on his lap. He took a long look at me before placing his lips at the edge of my lip. Then on my jaw, then he trailed his lips lower and placed a small kiss at the mark he made this morning. “Nothing more in school baby but I would like you to come over to my house after school” he murmured pulling away from me.

“Uh- my parents might not-” I was cut off mid sentence. “I’ll speak to them.” He finished. “Meet me here when you finish all your classes okay?” His eyes softened. I nodded politely and grabbed my things walking out the door. The door slammed shut behind me making me gasp slightly before walking back to my class avoiding all the teachers’ knowing eyes.


I’m so sorry about the drabble sized update *sigh* I wanted to give you all better.  he next update might be a long time coming, please forgive me and thank you to anyone who stayed by me. <3

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6 years ago today, the most iconic group of it’s generation debuted. 9 men full of talent, charisma and love for what they are doing. They inspired hundreds of idols to do as great as them and millions of fans who love them unconditionally and will continue to do so for many, many more years to come.
Happy Anniversary EXO! #6YearsWithEXO


to the love of my life, thank you for being my source of strength, for always making me laugh and for being the best leader and person ever. you deserve the universe and more!

happy birthday to our super leader hyung ♡ I love you to the moon and back~



As the leader, Suho has a heavy burden on his shoulders. I wish I can help him to lighten the load, I still have a lot of shortcomings as the older brother. But it’s time to say it out. Suho, you can share some of these burdens with me now, share some sense of responsibility with me. And thank you for leading EXO.” — Xiumin

Suho is always filled with confidence. I personally feel that it would be due to the fact that he frequently prepares (for the concerts) a lot hence he’s able to feel very confident. He has an upright look which is very good. Lay

Suho hyung, even though my jokes may be too much you’ll still be accepting them, thank you. And thank you for whenever I’m troubled, you’ll brood over it as if it’s your own problem. Baekhyun

Suho hyung, I’m very grateful for you, leading the EXO members who have strong personalities all the way until today. If it were me I would probably be unable to do it, so I feel that’s even more amazing. Chen

Suho hyung is the person I consult the most often with about my problems. Hyung, now you know how much I like you, right? I hope that from now on, we can depend on each other. Chanyeol

Suho hyung, thank you for always tolerating the members’ childishness. D.O.

Suho hyung, thank you for always taking care of every member’s condition so meticulously as the leader. Please take care of me well in the future too.”  Kai

Suho hyung, you must have a lot of difficulties as the leader, right? Although I cannot fully understand how much responsibility you’ve shouldered, I hope that you’ll know our gratitude towards you. Sehun


(n.)  gods that walk among us

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I wanted to make this because of all the speculations about pathcode 2.0, i actually love the concept of superpowers and eclipses etc. it is very interesting how they incorporated this theme in all of the EXO’s MVs 

hope yall like it 

if you want me to make something similar just send me a request i will be happy to make this again