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“Even my close friends are calling me Suho-ya or Suho-hyung, which makes me feel a little disappointed. Some members will do this too, even if it is just a few of us hanging out with each others. Perhaps it’s out of habit, there are still some juniors who’ll call me Suho. If I have to be honest, this makes me a little sad.”



Suho is talented. Suho is hardworking. Suho is beautiful. Suho is thankful & humble. Suho is an amazing leader who is still standing his ground after a lot of obstacles. Suho is valid and he plays an important role in the group. And last but not least: Suho is a human. Stop saying mean things about him being unimportant etc.

{ EXO } Suho / Joonmyeon as Your Boyfriend ♥︎
  • Princess’ 
  • spoils you 25/8 
  • ‘princess! look what I bought you!’ 
  • ‘you just bought me a necklace last week-’ 
  • ‘to add to your collection’ 
  • will lend you his black card when you want something
  • dates all the time 
  • when he is free from schedules, of course
  • movie dates 
  • shopping dates
  • five star restaurant dates
  • also simple dates too 
  • since you want it 
  • ‘anything for my princess~’ 
  • P D A 
  • everywhere
  • kissing you 
  • holding onto your waist 
  • possessive af 
  • wants everyone to know you are his 
  • showing you off to the members when you come to visit him at dance practice
  • ‘my princess is so sweet for bringing me lunch. she’s so amazing~’ 
  • dealing with the members
  • since he’s the mom and leader of the group 
  • u date him, u deal with 8 kids 
  • nagging the members with him 
  • sehun is always over at your place 
  • he practically lives there– 
  • ‘joon, have you seen my- oh, hi sehun.’ 
  • you’re used to seeing the maknae early in the morning eating breakfast with joonmyeon
  • sugardaddy!suho 
  • ‘you’ve been a bad girl, princess..’
  • *chokes* 
  • cute dates at the library
  • you’d be reading a book then peek up at him to find him staring
  • it’s no surprise 
  • he always does it 
  • ‘what?’ 
  • ‘you’re just so beautiful’ 
  • going on vacation
  • he would take you overseas 
  • anywhere you want
  • Paris, London, Italy.. you name it 
  • dad jokes 
  • you’re used to them already
  • ‘what is beethoven’s favorite fruit?’ 
  • ‘what?’ 
  • ‘a ba-na-na-na’ 
  • will pout if you don’t laugh
  • forcing yourself to laugh even when it isn’t funny, so he won’t be sad 
  • sad joonmyeon is a no no
  • have u seen his adorable pout?!
  • comforting him when he gets too stressed out or frustrated with work
  • listening to his complains and how his day went 
  • sending you picture texts 
  • missing you 25/8 
  • u r EXO’s number one supporter
  • giving you merch & albums
  • concert tickets
  • your parents will love him
  • cuz who wouldn’t love this guy? 
  • couple sweatshirts
  • spooning 
  • basically, being a relationship with suho is wonderful. you two are the perfect pair. 💕

EXO as your boyfriends: 

a/n: Joonmyeon as your boyfriend requested by anon. Enjoy, loves~
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Little Black Skirt

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The much requested sequel to Dress Code is here ladies (and gents?) 

I wrote the majority of this in my 3 hour lecture I bet I looked so sketchy. I compiled all my sexual frustration into this so thats a content warning in itself ha

Daddy Kink and Sexual Themes

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