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Beginner’s Guide to UP10TION

Since UP10TION is gaining attention from KCON and this comeback, here’s a get-to-know-them post! STAN UP10TION

  • Debuted September 2015
  • Under Top Media (with Teen Top and 100%)
  • The name UP10TION means to get excited! (In Korea, the English word “tension” is used to mean excitement, not stress though they do stress me out sometimes tbh)
  • Fandom name is HONEY10
  • They promoted in China when they debuted, and this year they promoted in Japan
  • However all their members are Korean
  • They are very good dancers and their choreo is ON POINT (they always put out dance practice videos)
  • They have very active V Live and Youtube channels, so you will always be entertained 

Here are some important dance videos


So Dangerous (Album - Top Secret) 
Come As You Are (Top Secret)
Catch Me (Album - BRAVO!)
Attention (Album - Spotlight)
Stay (Spotlight)
Tonight (Album - Summer Go)
White Night (Album - Burst)
ID (Album - ID) (Japanese)
Runner (Album - Star;dom)

UP10TION'S 'Star;Dom' - Are they angry at the people who caused Wooshin's depression?

Now don’t get me wrong, this is obviously just my opinion and a theory that I came up with at the dinner table and the main point of theories is that they’re stupid. I just like coming up with these sorts of things. It’s most definitely not what UP10TION intended with their new album but it’s still fun to think of these things.

To start with, their new song ‘Runner’ is one of the best comebacks that have happened in a while, but there is an obvious difference compared to other comebacks. Wooshin isn’t there. Wooshin decided not to be part of this comeback because of the events that have happened with him. This is where a part of my theory starts focusing on their song ‘Runner’

Firstly, let’s focus on the lyrics.

At the start of the song, Bitto says at the beginning ‘Did you love me lady? Anyway, I was so lonely’. One of the reasons I think this could be a sign to Wooshin missing is because a big part of UP10TION’s fans are women. The line ‘Did you love me lady?’ could be a question to the people and possibly fans who accused Wooshin of 'harassment’. They are basically asking 'Do you actually love/care?’ about him. The second part of the line 'I was so lonely’ could be a link to Wooshin’s depression. Depression often makes people feel very lonely since many struggle to talk about it or find help leaving them on their own.

At the start of the first verse, the lyrics are 'Ready now, let’s run together. Let’s go at the sound of the gunshot. Run as fast as you can’. The first line 'Let’s run together’ could reference UP10TION’s team work and that they will always be together as a team. The whole first part of the song is a reference to their team work and by saying that they will 'run together’ could suggest that they want to go through life as a team. However, after the first part, the lyrics seems to take a bit of a downfall which leads on to what I want to talk about next: the actual video.

If you notice throughout the video, there are a lot of shots of the members sitting on the floor or lying down looking tired. There are also a few shots of them showing aggression, mainly Kuhn and Bitto and even Xiao at one point (we all know they are absolute beans so this could mean something). But, I just want to focus on the tired looking shots. In shots such as Sunyoul letting his drink fall and spill and Kogyeol touching the punchbag in a more defeated way, I feel like it shows that they don’t really know what to do. People with depression can affect the people around them and many people who know someone with depression often don’t know what to do. So some shots ,such as the fallen trophy by Hwanhee’s feet, could be metaphors for them not knowing how to help Wooshin cope with his depression. The lyrics 'I’m tired’ and 'Just hold on’ link to this thought.

But, not all of the members are clueless. Throughout the start of the video, there are shots of Kuhn punching a punch bag. But when he starts rapping, his punches seems to get more aggressive as if he is trying to get anger out of his system. Is it possible that he is angry at the people who made Wooshin feel like this? It also shows a shot of his looking distressed during his punch out. Could that mean that he’s felt like this for a while and doesn’t know how to get it out of his system? Similarly, Bitto also lets out his anger by punching a bag. But, during his part, even he ends up sitting on the floor defeated. Could this mean that Kuhn and Bitto were fighting for Wooshin, but it got too much for Bitto? And at one point, Xiao shows some aggression. We all know that Wooshin and Xiao are quite close.

Coming to the end, it looks like Kuhn is the only one still fighting for Wooshin since he is seen doing sit ups near the end of the video. However, it seems like Hwanhee decided to take some action when he picks up the fallen trophy. It’s as if he’s saying that they will not go down without a fight. The dance near the end of the video seems more aggressive as well. So it seems like they’ve decided to stand up for Wooshin. Also, in Wei’s part, the phrase 'Let me be there’ could be a way for UP10TION telling Wooshin that they will always be there for him.

  • SM entertainment: I'm MR. Lee HARDASS Soo Man and you will take me SERIOUSLY
  • Top Media: what up im Andy and lessons are canceled cuz im tired

170922: teen top niel’s phone call to up10tion’s jinhoo

essentially just niel getting mad at jinhoo

  • niel predicted that jinhoo would answer cutely with “ah, yes hyungg~ where are youu~”
  • jinhoo answered with: “who are you”
  • niel: “do you have a schedule tomorrow?”
  • jinhoo: “no, i don’t”
  • niel: “you don’t have a schedule but you’re not coming to visit me?”
  • jinhoo: “i’m sorry…”
  • niel:

  • jinhoo: “but hyung why did you call me”
  • niel: “to ask how you were doing”
  • jinhoo: “but we saw each other in the company building”
  • niel: “so if we see each other at the company then i can’t call you?”

why does niel love teasing his little brothers so much… lmao

  • Jinhoo: Wait for it, wait for it. 9:01. Sunyoul is officially late for the first time ever. Alright, let’s do this. Who’s got theories?
  • Kogyeol: His alarm didn’t go off.
  • Jinhoo: All three alarms, all with battery backups? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Hwanhee: Ooh! He was taken in his sleep.
  • Jinhoo: That’s what I’m talking about. Super dark, Hwan, but way more plausible than Kogyeol's idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Xiao: I bet he tucked himself in his bed too tight and got stuck
Up10tion Reacts to You Making a Racy Joke

Thanks for the request! This is my first Up10tion reaction so I really hope you enjoy it!! ~Uma

Jinhoo- “Haha…” *secretly doesn’t find it funny but doesn’t wanna make it awkward by not laughing*

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Kuhn- *just let’s it slide and pretends like nothing happened*

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Kogyeol- “Did you just-?” *is like wtf*

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Wei- *laughs with you and shares the same sense of humor as you*

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Bitto- “YOU DID NOT!” *is shocked that you’d say something liked that*

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Wooshin- “Wha- What?” *flustered Wooshin*

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Sunyoul- *gif* (ignore the caption)

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Gyujin- “I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down” *jokes along with you*

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 Hwanhee- *awkwardly laughs because he’s embarrassed* “Ah Y/N~~!!!” *whines at you*

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Xiao- *totally get’s what you’re talking about but sneakily doesn’t admit it*

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  • Hwanhee: I’m cold.
  • Jinhoo: Here, have my jacket.
  • Xiao: Hey, I’m cold too.
  • Sunyoul: What? [taking off jacket] I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn’t listen and now [piling scarves on him] now look, I’ve got to make sure you don’t FREEZE to death and [taking Kogyeol’s hat] how long have you been cold? You should’ve said something sooner.