-Hanbin x Female reader

-Hanbin’s birthday project (: 

-Hogwarts au, friends to lovers, school life au.

-This chapter will get update as new characters get introduced. Also this scenario is Hanbin focus but I feel like it’s good to have a little bit of background for everyone. 

-A/n: A little teaser for what coming! I’ve never written a true au before in my life so please give me constructive feedback. I’d really appreciate any comment at all you guys have so I can do better in the future. I feel like I’ve always gotten away with very simple au, and this was truly a challenge and I don’t think I’ve done the best job. 

Chapter 0 - Introduction 

1 - Hanbin’s group

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Kim Hanbin:

For a boy with heart made out of gold, Hanbin’s childhood was anything but. Faulted for having his head in the cloud, his peers thought of him as insane simply because their parents never liked the way his imagination fueled the curiosity in his heart. Always asking what-ifs and how-its, he was far ahead for anyone his age and had it not been for the why-nots he’d asked so often, Hanbin could’ve easily been deemed a genius. His parents had always told him to believe with all his might for at one point in time, visiting the moon was mere stuff of fiction. But he was still lonely, isolated for believing in things beyond what was presented, worlds outside the scope that was comprehensible by simpleton. The night after he had received his letter, Hanbin was restless for the universe had exploded in questions, but most important of all, it gave him an answer for his loneliness. The moment he had read the first line of the letter, bold and prideful “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, Hanbin felt at home. He felt at home even though he knew nothing of this magical world, or even that he was someone they referred to as muggle-born. Hanbin finally felt like he belong. 
Kim Jiwon:

Jiwon had always been a force of life despite being dealt the worst cards even before he was old enough for school. His family wasn’t rich, barely making ends meet even, but what they had was love. His parents and brother love him very much and those around him knew, they knew that they’re the reason for the sparkles inside his heart. Jiwon felt like summer’s firework to those around him, warm and vibrant. He had the courage to conquer the world but also the heart to realize being on top wasn’t everything. He understood struggle, the hardship of life and how it could callous even the softest heart. Perhaps his compassion was his downfall for he too began to sympathize with the wrong crowd. He thought it was cool to be around the sort of people his parents had so sternly described as “the wrong sort”. His brother didn’t understand and parents disapproving of seemingly anything he did. So in the end, he was lonely in his own home. something was missing in his heart and it wasn’t until he had met his fellow housemates that he realized what it really was, real friends. They taught him the true value of friendship and that to be brave, he needed to be openminded about things his old crowd would laughed at him for. For the first time in years, he had dreams, he wasn’t afraid of being happy, and he wasn’t ashamed of his likes and dislikes. And for the first time in his life, he found a purpose, realized that home extended to even those who aren’t related when a certain young captain extended a welcoming hand and taught Jiwon what quidditch really meant. 


Kim Donghyuk:

There was no doubt that Donghyuk was the epitome of sunshine and the crisp warmth of summer, and he himself wouldn’t dare argue or deny the fact. Yet there was a part of himself that no one knew, beyond the happiness that could be felt simply just by being near him. There was a darkness in his heart that fueled his fascination, dictated his interest that no one understood. For someone who was so often liken to the sun, Donghyuk had always thought the best time of day was when the sun safely tucked away in bed. The stars so brightly shine above, magnificent and ethereal. His favorite season? Winter when the sun barely shine, shied away behind a dark plume of cloud, rainfall or snowfall, he wasn’t picky. Donghyuk had always felt out of place, the constant expectation weighted down his shoulders and it too, weighted down his heart, dulled the light behind his eyes. He felt as if there was no place in this world for him, no place he could truly be himself and belong… No place until a young Gryffindor captain breathed the most beautiful sentiment after a night out star watching. “Stars cannot shine without darkness.” It seemed so simple, just a passing comment yet nothing had ever resonated with his heart the way the strange boy did. Donghyuk could see too a loneliness in his eyes and that was all he needed to stick around. 

Song Yunhyeong:

Yunhyeong had always solved life’s problem with a smile on his lips. There wasn’t much that could dampen the light in his heart and the grin on his lips. Even at the age when his peers were still worrying about what present they’d get for Christmas, Yunhyeong already knew what he wanted out of life and where his passion laid. His parents had always been there, always supportive of their’s son decision even if it was as crazy as opening up a cafe in the muggle world for they knew Yunhyeong’s talent was too great to not to share. Their friends, however, didn’t quite share the same sentiment, always thought they were too soft on him. Of all the reputable profession, how could his parents accept such a silly dream. He felt helpless listening to the well disguised derision thrown at his parents not only by their friends but also his grandparents simply because they chose to be supportive. So for the next few years of his life, auror was what he had chosen to be his dream despite the protest of his mom and his dad’s sorrowful gaze. They knew he did it for them, to make them proud but he had failed to realize that it was him that made them happy.So he carried himself as any reputable auror could, serious and even if it meant watching from the sideline as his friend enjoy their days. His days were dark and rigid, wasn’t until a certain sunshine entered his life and reminded him that “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” He reminded Yunhyeong of the lost dream to travel the worlds, to learn all the recipes his brain could hold, and most importantly, to have fun. Once more, Yunhyeong was abled to breathe easy. 

100 reasons to love Kim Hanbin

been in a hanbin mood for um 3 years so here goes

  1. works endlessly and so damn hard
  2. writes/produces/composes for not just ikon but other groups (ex. whistle by blackpink and empty by winner) 
  4. has never had a gf
  5. writes and reads poetry
  6. likes history 
  7. video editing legend (check out his ig its here and its the funniest thing on planet earth)
  8. his rap in born hater. legend
  9. gun cocking sounds at the beginnings of both be i and one and only
  10. his hair in the bday mv
  11. gorilla face
  12. jinjinjara jirijirija
  13. arranged a flower arrangement for a costar when he was on get it beauty
  15. has a framed picture of his younger sister on his desk in his bedroom
  16. also that one predebut pic of him and hanbyul when she was practically a newborn and theyre both asleep. its good. 
  17. finally learned how to carry his sister amen
  18. in general tbh hes just super whipped for hanbyul and its the best thing to ever happen to me thansk
  19. “i’m a dotdae korea’s dotdae” 
  20. the way he says “fuck” lmao
  22. is genuinely trying to be less “tigerbin” nowadays 
  23. juggled smtm3 at the same time as mix&match 
  24. rocket and hot in herre.
  25. hes just a multitalented king honestly like he can lead? rap? dance? sing? drink respect women juice? wow
  26. doesnt know korea’s first president and thinks rats are reptiles
  27. dumbin mode
  28. the watermelon contest where he got all pouty and petty when he lost
  29. god his smile! it lights up my whole world it is so damn bright and i am. in love. like his smile genuinely makes me happy and idk i just love him a lot! 
  30. “we gon’ get it poppin’“
  31. he wants to be a bad boy type and i think thats kinda cute ngl
  32. irl according to chanwoo hes an open book (like an idiot) though which is even cuter 
  33. wrote “hug me” four years ago go support return album 
  34. hates when people zoom cameras in on his face (lookin @ u bobby)
  35. loves skinship (loves. skinship)
  36. climax
  37. vowed to himself he wouldnt cry after WIN. apparently hasnt cried since WIN. :(
  39. his part in bday. you know which part. starts at 2:49
  40. he wrote “everything” with psy
  41. read the lyrics to just go
  42. mari and i……………. mari and i
  43. the rings on his fingers in the apology mv
  44. soft as fuck for animals like i will never get over how damn soft this man is i am so in love!! im in love
  45. “just let me say it even if it gets edited out! his nipples are tiny”
  46. this look in #wyd right here (the tussled hair/white shirt/ripped black skinny jeans)
  47. i love his nihilism tat like the font and stuff.. when you can see it poking out of the shirt/tank hes wearing….wow
  48. THE WAY HE SAYS “보고 싶다” (I miss you (i think…. im not fluent. at all.)) in #wyd during that montage of him in the aforementioned outfit. WOW.
  49. he always gets worked up when anyone mentioned junhoe and hanbyul together in the same sentence its great
  50. his nonagon pics
  51. tablo says his insta is, along with will smith’s, the funniest profile on the site and is like a webtoon (highkey agree)
  53. “number one” 
  54. lol that time he paused an interview to specifically say that hanbyul IS NOT junhoe’s AND THE FACE HE PULLED WHILE SAYING IT
  55. when he perfectly executed a bottle flip and went “easy”
  56. idk if im the only one who sees it? but his lips are kinda heartshaped? like my eyes when i see him?
  57. asshole kept taking his shirt off during japan concerts i hate him bye
  58. “oh everything is english… i cant speak english” (jinhwan voice: wow)
  59. lean muscle
  60. can finally break an apple with his hands (not without like a lot of random grunting)
  61. “aegyo king” 
  62. 1/3 of the clean roommates
  63. predebut billionaire cover 
  64. when he beatboxed during win era and sounded like ? drums? exactly like drums and a bunch of other instruments and could do more than one at a time yeah thats. amazing. (also his pink glasses and blue cardigan while he went hard beatboxing were so great)
  65. those airport pics from forever ago where he wore that black v-neck and his hair was black and over his eyes and oof
  66. loves chocolate
  67. “nice timing” 
  68. he has a really beautiful neck
  69. sometimes sleeps in his studio :( (FINALLY HAS A STUDIO WITH A WINDOW!)
  70. his n o s e wow i just wanna kiss it!
  71. really intense gaze 
  72. this picture (cred @netkon)
  73. love scenario was inspired by like the last 10 minutes of la la land and the fact that that is what inspired him is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful to me… his mind. is beautiful. 
  74. loves South America
  75. once spelled iKON as IKNO. its his own damn group oof
  76. lets go slowly but for a long time!
  78. on a more serious note - he ran away during Mix&Match as he felt too overloaded and only returned because he felt cold… wished he could’ve gone all the way to busan. i really do love and support hiim, and i wish him the best - i hope he feels less overwhelmed, at the very least, now, and more at peace with where he’s at in his life currently. 
  79. really love his two front teeth
  80. THIS GIF (creds to @gnhwan) this is my favorite gif of him because he’s so beautiful? just as a person he is beautiful and the way his cheeks lift and his eyes shine when he laughs is too much for me he is an ANGEL also thats my fav hairstyle of his id say and just everything about the gif. legend. (the gifmaker? also a legend.) 
  81. these gifs of him in the leather jacket… mmm bad boy aesthetic (cred to @mvssmedia… !)
  82. triple kim’s friendship is so Good
  83. i really cant mention hanbin without mentioning his charisma… ikon are some natural born performers guys
  84. bad at overwatch and hes PRESSED about it
  85. i love the way he says “get ready” before they go “showtime” idk just i love it
  86. good at roasting but also always complimenting his members about random ass things (ex. “chanwoo’s so good at gaming… he’s so sexy”)
  87. that time he gave his tortoise to a fan and was like “take good care of him remember to feed him!!” etc.
  88. if there’s paper in front of him he has to rip it up… hands are always fiddling
  89. pats his heart and says “all is well” before he does nervewracking things
  90. hes such a family man you can SEE his happiness and love just. emanate from him about his mom and sister
  91. used to wear beanies all the time.. does so less now i think
  92. that time chanwoo helped hanbin use a bow/arrow and shoot… nice
  93. THAT ONE ALL WHITE HEROES OF REMIX LOOK (cred @reinizz-yeah)
  94. climbed a coconut tree. fear of heights kicked in. good going bin. (<3)
  95. like i know for sure ive mentioned this already but like. he writes poetry. thats just so……….good… hes really out here handing us his still beating heart and telling us to take care of him
  96. snapback king
  97. cares more about his music than charting and really truly wants us to like the art he puts out because he pours his all into it
  98. that time he said that hes really good at writing depressing lyrics during mix&match… i really want to hug him 
  99. i love it when he wears sunglasses
  100. the way he looks when talking about things hes passionate about or people he loves… i cant really describe it im just a mere mortal but hes so dedicated and committed to everything and everyone around him and i am so lucky to be existing in the same timeline and universe as him thank you for coming to my ted talk and stream love scenario