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Figure skating fandom:

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Figure skating fandom: *shows all the competitive figure skaters’ twitter accounts*

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Figure skating fandom: i think we are in one fandom by this point

Figure Skaters

Yuzuru Hanyu: Tol Bean
Shoma Uno: Smol Bean
Nathan Chen: The Hot Young One
Misha Ge: Dank Meme
Stéphane Lambiel: The Hot Old One
Johnny Weir: gAY GAY SO GAY
Evgeni Plushenko: He-Man
Daisuke Takahashi: F A B U L O U S
Evgenia Medvedeva: Cinnamon Roll
Yuna Kim: Prettier than me
Dennis Vasiljevs: Pure child
Joe Johnson: Shitpost
Javier Fernandez: Tol Bean’s Husband
Patrick Chan: Cananda, Eh?
Kevin Reynolds: Elf
Adam Rippon: S E X Y
Mikhail Kolyada: Cray-Cray
Boyang Jin: Spooderman
Alexei Yagudin: Weird-Ass Footwork

Yuna Kim, All That Skate 2011

This is some majestic levels of sparkle.

One thing that’s difficult about still images from ice shows and galas is the changing lights making it difficult to see what the real colors of the look are. Above and below are I think the most accurate presentations, so yes, Yuna is largely wearing black and red despite what the first photo shows.

Also she looks amazing. Did I not mention that?

Grade: A+


“As far as I know, figure skating is not just a competition among countries or contenders. It’s not a solitary competition with myself, either. Though I’m still in the process to learn and realize what skating really is, what I know right now is that the most important thing in figure skating is the connection with the audience. So I hope that I and everyone watching my performances will not feel joy or sorry accompanied by the colors of the medals, but share joy and happiness that I’ll deliver through the music and my performances.”