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So after fan group JBJ is confirmed for debut, another fan group has popped up! Meet 벚꽃소년 or “Cherry Blossom Boys”

Cherry Blossom Boys or CBB, is a 11- member group made of various eliminated trainees from Produce 101 Season 2. The name stands for its actual meaning or Four Leaf Clover! It consists of the following trainees: Lee Gunmin, Woo Jinyoung, Lee Gunhee, Hong Eunki, Lee Junwoo, Yeo Hwanoong, Yun Heeseok, Kim Yehyun, Seo Sunghyuk, Kim Sihyun, and Lee Kiwon! Let’s hope for them to walk through a flower filled road and actually get to debut like JBJ!


August Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

August Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

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On August 27, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the August brand reputation rankings for movie actors.

The results are based on the analysis of interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes for 165,104,765 pieces of big data on 50 actors from July 25 to August 26. This is a 16.53% rise from the 139,284,258 pieces of big data for the July ranking.

Park Seo Joon…

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