Boyfriend Mark

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• aw y'all met at a coffee shop how cliché

still cute as hell tho

• SO mark was in front of you in line and as he was waiting for his turn he turned around a sec

• he saw literally the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen

• guess who


• he turned back around pretty quick bc you looked up and he didn’t want you to see him staring

• when it’s his turn to order he gives the barista an extra 10$ and said it was for the person behind him

• you were completely oblivious to the transaction bc you were more focused on trying to figure out your order

• anyways mark got his coffee and sat down and waited

• you told the barista whatcha wanted and got your money out to pay but he was like

• “it’s paid for you” :)

• you were like ??? who????

• so he pointed to a cute guy in the corner stealing glances your way

• “oh, okay.”

• you waited for your coffee and once you got it you summoned enough courage to go up to him

• “thank you, I feel like I should put a name to the face.” You shyly say and he smiles literally the cutest smile EVER

• “mark, it’s no problem. figured a pretty girl like you shouldn’t pay for your own drinks.”

• “oohh so this was just a ploy to get me to talk to you hmm~” you tease and his cheeks flush

• “well…”

• and that’s the story of y'all WOW how cute

• I think mark would be one of the most thoughtful boyfriends too

• like he’ll def try and cook dinner for you if he knows you’ve had a bad day

• won’t hesitate to take you to dance practices just Bc the boys miss you

• with that said he doesn’t get jealous easily

• he knows the boys wouldn’t dare touch you or say anything like that

• whatta trusting boyfriend!!

• however, if he sees another idol talking to you for just a little too long at an award show

• won’t hesitate to go over to you and introduce himself as

your boyfriend

• it’s endearing when he does get jealous/protective bc it’s so rare

• stealing his millions of hoodies is a must

• cuddling with this boy is really sweet bc he almost always falls asleep

• imagine his cute lil sleeping face uGH

• all types of dates

• amusement park/fair dates FOR SUREE

• he won’t try too hard to talk you on rides you don’t like but he’ll def try

• “I gotchu baby don’t worry I won’t let anything bad happen to you”

• sky diving for your 2 year anniversary HELL YES

• baby/baby girl

• he’s practically a husband even before y'all are married

• speaking of

• as soon as you meet his family they LOVE you

• “so mark when’s the wedding?” his aunt would ask

• keep in mind y'all been together for like 3 months LOL

• “don’t worry I’ll put a ring on her eventually”

• your heart hURTs when he says that

• his fam is lowkey impressed w his response

• yall really do last forever, one of those power couples

• going public isn’t a priority to either of you guys

• if it happens it happens but he’s not gonna go out of his way to hide it

• you don’t get much hate surprisingly but when you do he’ll shut it down real mf quick

• you’re his world how dare someone talk about you like that

• now in the sheets this boy

• fr so caring and always makin sure you’re okay and pleased

• subtle dom IMO

• prob not a daddy kink sorry

• he’ll like watching you ride him too Bc hot DAMN

• he likes seeing your faces and he barely has to do anything

• I think he’s kinda quiet in bed but if you get him doing he won’t hesitate to let out some moans

• look at you girl what a fantastic boyfriend you got yourself there

GOT7 S/O thinks they don’t care about them but they do.

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Mark Tuan: He would be angry and upset at himself, because that’s the least thing he wants you to think about him. He would go out of his way to do everything to show you and prove to you that he cares about you. Whether it’s him skipping work for you, or he buys you flowers and writes you a letter to pour out all his feelings about how much he cares about you. He doesn’t want to tell you with just words about how much he cares about you, he wants to prove it to you with his actions.

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Im Jaebum: Knowing Jaebum he would go out of his way to show you intimately how much he cares about you. He would show how much he cherishes you, not only that he would go all out and set up this cute ass romantic date just to show you how much you mean to him and that you are his world. The person who makes his life bright. But at the end of the day he would give you this long ass sincere hug holding you tightly and tell you that don’t ever doubt how much he cares about you because you are his world.

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Jackson Wang: Jackson would lowkey sulk for the longest time but also take time to think and decide how to show you and prove to you how much he cares about you. After a long time of deciding and planning, he would take a vacation leave and decide to take you with him. Jackson thinks that show to his careness is spending as much time with you and doing things together to prove that he cares about you. It’s not that jackson doesn’t want to tell you with words but he prefers showing with his actions.

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Park Jinyoung: To Jinyoung I think he would prefer words instead of actions. He would write a super long letter and read it out loud to you, and to let you know that he cares about you. He wants you to hear it from his voice and he wants to assure you with his words, of how much he cares about you and how much you mean to him. After he reads you his long letter he would hug you tightly and tell to never ever forget that he cares about you and kisses you on the forehead.

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Choi Youngjae: Knowing Youngjae he would sulk and be so sad about this. He would do anything and try anything to show you how much he cares about you, with words or actions. This sunshine would do it all the above for your sake. You are his sunshine and his world. All he wants is to let you know how much he cares about you and how much he loves you. He would do small things like give you small love notes and tell you everyday how much he appreciates you, he would try to hangout with you everyday because he believes in quality time together. Small things or big things he would do it all just for you.

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Bambam: This poor boy would beat himself and be disappointed in himself. Bam would give up anything for you just to show how much he cares about you. He would take a long vacation and spend everyday with you. Bam would take you out for shopping and spoil you till the max. But at the end of the day he would buy you something special for you and write a letter to you and read it out loud to tell you how much you mean to him and how much he cares about you. Knowing this boy he would set up a romantic dinner for you and try to make it perfect as possible because he wants to prove to you how much he cares about you.

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Kim Yugyeom: knowing Yugyeom as the sentimental type he would probably cry because he feels like he has failed you. This boy loves you till the sun and back. Yugyeom would write songs to show you how much he cares about you. He would take the time out of his day to spend it with you. Yugyeom would both show his caring by his words and his actions. He would write small notes as a reminder of how much he cares about you. But at the end of the day whether he was busy or not he would show up at your place and give you a fat hug and tell you that he appreciates you and he is very thankful for having you in his life.

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got7 doing research for their pregnant S/O


you were sitting in bed reading on of the books and mark would crawl over to you and read with you. he would ask you questions and slowly get more and more excited about the baby until you ended up spending the whole night talking about everything.

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you would catch him reading one of your birth books even though he said that he didn’t need it. you started teasing him about it naturally, he got embarrassed and threw you down on the bed burying his head in you arm, making you laugh.

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he would probably do more research then you honestly hehe.

”did you know that only 10% of women give birth on their due date.”

he would give you random facts about the baby and would want to have everything planned out with you. you were cuddling in bed together and would talk about everything.

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he would read so many articles and believe everything. he would be cuddling you in bed and would suddenly spill out all of his worries and tell you how much he loves you and the baby which would end in a heartfelt conversation that will last till early in the morning.

“if you drink vinegar the baby will be super strong and healthy so drink it everyday.”

but he just wants to take care of you and he wants the best for the baby.

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he would be so shy and flustered when you asked him to come with you to the childbirth class with you. at first he was shy at the class but after a few minutes he got really into it and that night you talked about everything you learned and made a birth plan. eventually though he ended up falling asleep on you, you falling asleep soon after.



he would be so grossed out reading some of the more um graphic books/articles but he would still do it for you. he would secretly get really into it though, he found the development really cool and would keep one of those apps on his phone that said how big the baby is and all that stuff.

“your body is so cool, you practically a super hero!”

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he like youngjae would be really shy/nervous when you asked him to go with you to the child birth class. he would seem like he wasn’t really listening or interested but the second you got him he was showing you in questions.

“had no idea you body could do this, I mean I knew you could have a baby but I didn’t know how complex it was.”

he was an complete amazement at what he learned and was in awe at how incredible you are.

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it was really hard for me to not spew a ton of cool birth facts or get to graphic with this since my mom is a midwife and I’m kind of studying to be one lol hope you liked it though!~Ren

Bam Bam’s Twin Sister part 16!

                                                                                                                                 As soon as we’re off the Ferris Wheel, Jackson takes off running and giggling. Mark, who’s blushing slightly, takes off right after him.

“Whatever you’re going to do, don’t do it!” I can hear Mark yelling to Jackson.

Jaebum lets out a soft sigh, “Sorry to tell you this, Y/N, but Jackson’s probably going to tease you and Mark forever about this.”

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” I admit with a soft chuckle.

I hold Tai tightly as we walk, quickly catching up to Jackson, who found Papa and Mama Tuan. He was out of breath, but giggling like mad. Mark was standing beside him, just out of breath and trying with all his might to get him to be quite. But to make the one and only Jackson Wang shut up, is a hard task.

“You should have seen them!” Jackson wheeze to Papa Tuan, who was smiling in amusement. He held up his thumb and pointer finger, having them externally close, “they were this close to kissing! And they would have, if Youngjae hadn’t ruined it!”

“Who almost kissed?” Bam Bam asked, walking up with Yugyeom.

My eyes widen slightly, a light blush tinting to my face.

“Mark and Y/N almost kissed,” Jinyoung spoke up like it was nothing and I heard Mark let out a small whine. I glared at Jinyoung, but he seemed unfazed and smiled back at me.

Bam Bam on the other hand, almost choked. “W-What,” he sputtered. “Are you guys joking?”

“No we’re not joking!” Jackson declared. “I’ve worked my butt off all this week to push them two together and just when it was getting good, Youngjae ruins it!”

Mark slaps his face with his hand and Youngjae pouts as he speaks, “I said I was sorry!”

Yugyeom is snickering, “way to go, Mark,” he nudges his side. But Mark looks beyond done with them (and so am I at this point) and swats Yugyeom away with a huff.

“Pebbles, this is a joke, right?” Bam Bam asks in confusion. “I mean, I thought you had a crush on Jb Hyung?”

There’s a small gasp and I find myself wanting to do nothing more than to hide in the nearest hole- that is, right after I strangle Bam Bam!

Jaebum’s eyes are wide in surprise, and so is Mark’s and I feel so guilty.

“I did,” I admit.

“Oh snap,” Jackson mutters, but I ignore him.

“It was a little crush,” I say, looking at Jaebum. “And you’re still very cute and sweet, but this past week, I’ve come to realize that much like Jackson and the others, you’re more of a brother figure to me.”

Jaebum smiles softly, “you’re like a little sis, too,” he nods.

“And Mark…” I glance at him and immediately my face is warm. “Who I thought was like a brother to me… Turned out to be so much more…”

Mark beams at that, his smile is so wide, that I can’t help but smile with him. It’s hard to believe I just realized how sweet and wonderful he is, and that he thinks the same way of me.

“So what does this mean?!” Bam asks, looking between me and Mark quickly.

“It means,” Papa Tuan cuts in. “That it’s time to go. Come on, everyone into the van.”

I find myself in the back of the van, stationed between Mark and Bam Bam. Bam hasn’t taken his glare off Mark since we’ve started driving and I’m close to punching him.

“Bam, stop glaring at me!” Mark finally huffs.

I can hear Jackson and Yugyeom snickering.

“This is going to be entertaining,” Jinyoung comments.

“Okay, Mark,” Bam says, trying to be intimidating. “If that’s even you’re real name-”

“For crying out loud,” Mark grumbles.

“Maybe Mark will hit him when we get back,” Youngjae giggled.

“What are your intentions with my Y/N?” Bam asks.

“Bam, shut up,” I groan. “Please…”

“It’s my job as the big brother to protect you!” He says stubbornly.

“But you’re acting ridiculous,” I huff at him. “You know Mark! It’s the same Mark who’s room you used to sneak into and cuddle with when you had a bad dream!”

“I-I didn’t do that!” Bam sputters as the rest of He boys burst out laughing.

“Yeah you did, Dad has pictures of it,” Mark tells him.

“That I do,” Papa Tuan smiles proudly.

“Please show us them when we get back,” Jaebum laughs. “These are things we’ve got to see.”

Thankfully, that turned the chatter away from Mark and I, and more towards teasing Bam Bam. Mark’s hand slid down and found my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. I couldn’t help but think about how nice it felt.

By the time we arrived back to the Tuan’s, almost everyone was exhausted. I settled Tai on my bed and as Bam went to go shower, I changed into some simple pajamas. It wasn’t long before he came back, and sighed as he fell onto his bed.

“Pebbles,” he muttered against his sheets.

“Yeah?” I glance up from my phone to look at him.

“You and Mark… Are you two really a thing?”

I swallowed at the question, my cheeks heating slightly. “I hope we are…” I tell him honestly. “Are you mad?”

“No,” he yawns. “Just kinda surprised, is all.”

“My feelings for him came as a surprise to me too,” I admitted with a small laugh.

Bam Bam chuckles softly as he adjusts himself into a more comfortable position. It’s only a few minutes later when I hear him snoring softly. I shake my head gently, that boy had always been able to fall asleep at the drop of the hat.

My phone buzzing catches my attention and I smile when I see who it’s from.

Markie: If you’re still awake, please come downstairs.

I set my phone back down before quietly slipping off the bed. I tip-toe towards the door, being careful not to wake Bam before I open it and creak it closed as quietly as I can. I make my way down the stairs as carefully as I could before reaching the living room. It’s dim, mostly everyone is asleep, but the kitchen’s light is still on. I smile to myself and head that way.

Mark is sitting at the island, eating chocolate ice cream straight from the carton. “That’s probably not the best midnight snack,” I tease him as I sat on a stool beside him.

He just grins and hands me an extra spoon that he had got out. Who am I to turn down ice cream? We eat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before I break it.

“So…” I start. “When did you first start liking me?” I ask curiously. “Like, you know…” I blush slightly.

“A few months ago,” he tells me with a small smile. “You remember when you and Bam did FaceTime for your birthday?”

I nod with a smile, because I remember it clearly. All the guys were there and they sung Happy Birthday to both me and Bam.

“It was then that I realized how much you had really grown, I guess,” he shrugs. “I mean, you had always been cute, but suddenly you weren’t this little girl anymore and you’re a young woman and a really cute young woman at that.”

By the heat I can feel on my cheeks, I’m sure that my blush won’t be leaving anytime soon.  

“So Jaebum, hm?” Mark asks and I feel my eyes widening. At seeing his teasing smirk, I groan.

I nudged him slightly, “he is very cute,” I tease back.

“Oh most definitely,” Mark snickers, turning his attention back to the ice cream.

Now’s my chance! I lean up, and kiss his cheek quickly, causing his eyes to go wide and I can see his cheeks reddening slightly. I smile at him as he looks me, “you’re the cutest, though.”

“Gah…” he lets out a small sigh. “You make me a mess…” he murmurs.

I can’t help but feel proud of myself and I grin cheekily. “Now I know your weakness,” I tease.

“Oh?” He raises an amused eyebrow before he leans down and kisses my nose, and suddenly I can’t breathe!

Mark leans back, his eyes sparkling in amusement as mine widen. I stare at him, my lips parting slightly as he watches me. We don’t say anything, but with the way my heart is beating, I feel as if we don’t need words at the moment. Mark starts to lean in and my eyes close before he even reaches me. His lips are firm, yet soft and they send a flutter of butterflies off in my stomach. My mind swirls and as he leans back, my lips are buzzing.

“Mark…” I whisper as he leans back. I feel as if my cheeks are on fire, but I also feel externally giddy.

Mark grins, and leans down to kiss me once again.  


[Part fifteen] // 

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You guys wouldn’t fight over big things but small ones, like joking around. But when you both had your first proper fight it was an explosion. Neither of you remember what it was even about, but, when Mark yelled at you for the first time it scared you, which led you to cry and him to apologise a million times and just hug you to show you he didn’t mean it.

“Jagiya i’m so sorry you know I didn’t mean it.”

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Your first time fighting with Jackson was slightly terrifying but more you yelling at him. You were fighting over the fact that he had messages with another girl on his phone, you didn’t notice at the time but it was with his mum. Jackson would keep his cool letting you take your anger out on him because he cares that much. You would regret everything after and just cry into his shoulder apologising.

“It’s okay princess, you didn’t know.”

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Jinyoung is a calm person most of the time so your relationship would be more laughs then arguments. But, when you had your first argument about him staying out late because of practice, it would just be bickering until you stormed out the room, leaving him to scream at you and punch the wall. After about 15 minutes you both calmed down and just held each other in your arms telling each other how much you loved each other.

“Let’s just talk about this calmly okay princess, I’m sorry.”

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JB is a very dominate person, so, I feel like he would be the one to speak up and yell through the fight. Though, because you were dating him you would know how to hold your own. The fight would go on for a while, until the other members would get sick of it and ask what you guys were fighting over. JB would go to say what you two were fighting over and would realise that it was stupid. He would run over to hug you and plant kisses all over your forehead.

“I’m sorry.” Would be the only words to escape his lips along with a few tears.

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YoungJae is a ray of sunshine, I feel like you guys would never fight. But, maybe one night after a fan meeting, he would be a bit tired so he’d snapped at you which would lead you to point it out making him more upset. You would just bicker until he’d give up and hug you tiredly resting his head on your shoulder.

“Jagiya I’m just tired, I don’t mean any of this okay.”

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Bambam being how he is, I feel like your first fight would be a proper one, unlike all of your fake little one’s you guys would have. This one would get so serious that you’d get scared and have to text Yugyeom to come calm him down. Bambam would never hurt you, but, he would push things off the table, then, Yugyeom would get there and calm him down. Bam would instantly start crying, regretting everything not even wanting to look at you. He would feel so ashamed of himself. He would get up and walk over to you with his cheeks stained red.

“Princess I’m so, so sorry. I promise I’ll never get this bad again… promise me if I get this bad again you’ll leave me, you don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

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Your first fight with Yugyeom would be heated, he can be extremely dominating and would scream at you about nothing. It would probably just be the stress of tour. But, after he’d scream at you and see the look on your face, he would regret it instantly. He would hate himself for making you look terrified of him. He would instantly start apologising almost so fast you wouldn’t understand him, he would also hug you while both of you start to cry.

“Baby I’m sorry. If you really want, I can do aegyo for you.”

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Got7 Reaction to You on Your Period


Mark would honestly be the sweetest guy ever. He would be by your side, getting you whatever you needed, and just overall having a sweet personality. He would be so angelic, and would cuddle you, and buy you food.

“Jagi, you okay? Need something?”


Okay, we all know that this kid is stubborn and childish, so it would probably take a while to make him get you stuff (like pads), but nonetheless, he would constantly be by your side, willing to support you through the awful time of month.


Angel boyfriend part 2. This cute ass would probably try to make you food and fail, so he would (like the extra he is) run to the covenience store and get you something, He would cuddle you, and shower you with affection. You would love everything about him, and would definitely feel much better,


I honestly think he would be very eductaed on the subject, and would probably know how to help you. Constantly bringing you hot water packs for your cramps, and giving you small kisses every now and then, this by would definitely help you a hell lot.


Our sunshine would be so sweet to you, and rather than getting you food etc, he would sit by you, cuddling you and kissing you through the horrible cramps and eventually if you ask him, he’d get you some stuff, or food if you want it.

ThIS BOY WOULD BE CONFUSEDDDDD. He would first be disgusted at the thought that blood would come out of your (you know) where, but he’d eventually get used to it, and he’d even get you a hot water bottle. But don’t try to get him to get you a pad or tampon. He’d run the hell out of there.


Uh, what? That’s gonna be him the entire time, because like BamBam, he had absolutely no idea what to do. He would probably end up cuddling you, and getting you something that you need, but failing terribly, because you don’t need spicy noodles on your period. But he’d get you pads and stuff, knowing that you truly need them.

  • Youngjae: Why aren't you guys being have? We're in public.
  • Mark: "Being have?" I'm sorry I'm not quite sure how to accomplish that. BamBam, have you ever been "have"?
  • BamBam: Nope.
  • Mark: Jackson, how about you? Have you ever been "have"?
  • Jackson: Nope. I do know a little about behaving though.
  • Yugyeom: I'm being have, Youngjae.
  • Youngjae: Oh, bite me.
  • @incorrectastro

if you try & tell me that mark waking up yugyeom by booping his nose isn’t the purest thing you’ve ever seen, i will not believe you