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Super Junior Reaction To: Cheering Up Their GF After She Had A Bad Day


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“Babe, look at me.” (*cheesy face*)


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“You’re the best!” (*tries to be cute*)


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“I love you.”


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“If you’re sad, I’m sad.” (*pouty face*)


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“You look so cute.” (*imitates your angry face*)


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“You can’t be upset when you see me, right?


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“But look at my pocket!”


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“Don’t be upset, I know you don’t want to be.” (*Kangin charm activate*)


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“I found this lying around here!” (*silly face*)


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“Focus on this instead.” (*sexy dance*)


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“I don’t want to see you do any of this.” 


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“Who made you upset? They shall pay!” (*dangerous Siwon*)


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“We’re at the beach, does this make you happy?” 

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  • The Uncles who give you lots of gifts and money: Big Bang
  • The Uncles who will treat you anywhere: DBSK
  • The Uncles who will teach you the most important values of your life: Shinhwa
  • The Uncles who will ransack your house and make all kinds of ruckus: Super Junior
Babysitter [Super Junior, Kangin]

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Prompt(s) : “For the hundredth time, I’m not your babysitter.”  

Characters : Super Junior’s Kangin || OC [gender neutral]

Genre : Fluff

Requested by: Anon

written for the 100+ followers event

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Imagine being a trainee in SM and a staff touring you around the bulding
  • Staff: And to your right you'll see a bunch of old men who are barely their 30's
  • Staff: who act like 5-12 year olds who like cosplaying as frozen characters
  • Staff: but it's ok
  • Staff: bc their mentally kids
  • Staff: and is still waiting to go through puberty
  • Staff: especially the one that looks like a fish