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170113 Jo Insung interview: Kyungsoo mention part one

part two

Jo Insung joked, “I thought Kyungsoo was my person, but I think he might be in Woobin’s line. (laughs) Kyungsoo is good at playing hard to get. I found out one day that Woobin had texted Kyungsoo with ‘where are you my love Do Kyungsoo’ and Kyungsoo had replied soon after ‘yes hyung, where am I?’ That’s when I realized ah, he might not be mine. (laughs)”

source: dofancom | translation: fydk


I wanted to ask, ‘why now?’ I was doing fine until now. I ate well. I slept well. I even beat my record of climbing Mt. Cheonggye by three minutes. No Eul is supposed to come today. I looked forward to this day for so long. So why now? 

But suddenly I remembered the promise I made long ago.

“Please let Eul live…”

“..If you let Eul live, I will give up all of my happiness.”

 “I will give up all of my happiness.”