kim woo bin gifs


Thanks to you it felt like I was on a date with you, Kim woo bin. But why.. How do you remember? Because you made a mistake when you hypnotized me. You said to only remember my happy moments, but you said to forget you.That’s a contradiction.  Every moment that you were in, even all the sadness and hardship, all of it made me happy. So.. did my giving up my life to protect you, give you a happy ending?


- What kind of person was I?
- You’re a jerk who thinks you’re better than everyone. You say hurtful things and you hurt people. You think you’re always right and always want to look cool. You’re rude and say horrible things but you’re actually always right. You don’t have to but you do crazy things and make cowards like me feel ashamed. You crush us.
- Is that a compliment?
- It is.  


“I’m going to live recklessly and take care of people who are bad mouthing me. I’m going to kill bast*** I don’t like. I’ll pick up girls at nightclubs. And I’ll sleep around changing girls every night. <…> Do you want to date with me, No Eul P.D.? Let’s say I die after three months. Just for three months. Deeply in love.