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best buy v headcanons…..

what hte fukc

- his best buy is the best in town cos everyone loves to see him
- so many emails from customers talking about how great v is?? so he gets a lot of rewards for that
- v has cute stickers on his name tag, most are given to him from coworkers. hearts, cameras, etc
- you can always find him in the cameras section, therefore a Lot of cameras sell

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Title: What Jin Wants

Title: What Jin Wants 

Type: Highschool!AU, angst, fluff, oneshot 

 Characters: Reader X Jin 

 Word count: 4,288   (the longest entry that i’ve made lol)

Warning(s): mild language

 A/N: I felt a random Jin angst a couple of nights ago so here it is my fellow trash bins! Please tell me what you think about it! 

p.s. I got so much emotions while writing this and I almost cried my eyes out while listening to “Awake” like nooo why am I torturing myself?? I GOT SO MUCH FEELS WHILE WRITING THIS LIKE WTF 

 Summary: Jin wants you out of his life and he’s definitely going to get what he truly wants.   

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The wind will guide us!

Just a collection of some of my favorite LoZ songs/remixes. Sit back and enjoy the more soothing songs from The Legend of Zelda. [[ listen ]]

Skyloft // Hilda’s Theme // Inside Forest Heaven // Mabe Village- ZERO // Windmill Jazz Cover- Nifty Fingers // Astral Observatory- CSGuitar89 // Zelda’s Lullaby // MM Title BGM- Satoshi Aikawa // Sacred Grove // Song of Storms- LilyPichu // Serenade of Water (Harp)- Samantha Ballard // Swamp Palace // Kakariko Village (TP) // Forest Theme (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Great Fariy’s Fountain- Piasa // Zora’s Domain // Lon Lon Ranch- CSGuitar89 // Aboda Village Outside- ZERO // The Indigo Go’s // Nayru’s Song- ZERO // Fi’s Lament/ Fi’s Theme (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Wind Waker Main Theme (Harp)- Samantha Ballard // Isle of Songs // Ballad of the Wind Fish- Piasa // Minish Village (Piano)- Kim Duy Vo


[160123] Andy’s Fanmeeting - Member’s Flower Wreaths 

Shin Hyesung:
Cooking Killer Shin Hyesung - Sexy Man Who Cooks, Our Aengdu! Congratulations for your fanmeeting!!

Cuisinier de talent Shin Hyesung - Notre Aengdu, un homme sexy qui cuisine! Félicitations pour ton fanmeeting!!

Lee Minwoo:
Lee Minwoo - Aengdu ya I love you (with satoori tone) <3 Have a success fanmeet~!

Lee Minwoo - Aengdu ya Je t'aime (avec son accent de satoori) <3 Ait un fanmeeting plein de succès~!

Liveworks Company CEO Lee Jangeon Artist Shin Hyesung Lee Minwoo - We support Andy-nim’s fanmeeting!

Directeur de Liveworks Company, Lee Jangeon. Artistes, Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo - Nous soutenons le fanmeeting d'Andy-nim!

Shinhwa Company CEO Mun Junghyuk Artist Shinhwa - Andy will cook your heart guys!

Directeur de Shinhwa Company, Mun Junghyuk. Artiste, Shinhwa - Andy cuisinera vos coeur (dans le sens il fera fondre vos coeurs)

Kim Dongwan:
Kim Dongwan - You live alone too! Solitary Shinhwa!
Kim Dongwan - Tu vis seul aussi! Shinhwa célibataires!

Magnanimous Junjin - Why didn’t you invite me?
Magnanime Junjin - Pourquoi tu ne m'as pas invité?

Cr photos: andy5903, _MYANDY & somevely_
English Translation by destinygyo & hearts_shinhwa