kim u kwon

A Summary of Lipstick Prince

Heechul: exists just to tease everybody and make Tony An feel old

Eunkwang: helps Heechul not be awkward, the actual source of laughter in the show, we love you

U-Kwon: blatantly judges everyone, doesnt flirt because he loyal probably, laughs at everything especially Pyo

P.O: blushes @ cute girls, hyper ALL THE TIME, still acts like a maknae, help him Dara, his crush since forever is in the next episode

Doyoung: /is the ace/ not much screentime, is the only one that actually cares about the make up

Shownu: ???? /but sexy/  mostly ??? gets shipped with everyone, girls love him until he shows his robot ways, ???, what do we do with him 

Rowoon: his face and height is the envy of the cast members, A HUGE FLIRT WHY????, ask Bora if he cute

Tony An: just wanna find love, thinks Heechul should stop making age jokes, who flirts more Rowoon vs Tony


B L O C K B X M Y S T I C M E S S E N G E R 

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