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[VIDEO] 170524 Kriesha Chu (크리샤 츄) ‘Trouble’ (Prod. By Yong Junhyung & Kim Taejoo)

Composed by: Good Life (Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo)
Lyrics by: Good Life (Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo)
Arranged by: Good Life (Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo)
Chorus: Kriesha Chu
Recording Engineer: Jeong Eungkyeong, Woo Minjeong @ Ingrid Studio
Mixing Engineer: Jo Junseong @ W Sound Studio
Mastering Engineer: Choi Hyoyoung @ Suono Studio

Source: 1theK (원더케이) | YouTube

Trans. by: jolly-bee-89


To everyone who will see this post, I hope you will listen to Gayoon’s cover of BEAST’s song, 12시 30분, and take the time to like it on YouTube (if you do like it).

All of us - rational B2UTIES and 4nias - have been deeply disappointed and angered by the reaction to this project by a good number of Korean B2UTIES or otherwise who have resorted to terribly childish and entitled behaviour. The rationale that a song made for B2UTIES cannot be sung by others is ridiculous considering the amount of covers people have done for the song on YouTube.

Gayoon is no different and she even has the approval of the songwriters who rearranged the song for her. Half of that songwriting team is actually a BEAST member and they would rather downvote Junhyung’s work and rail at Cube than allow someone else from the same company to sing this song for no monetary profit whatsoever. Does that make sense to you?

I think enmity sowed between two fandoms who used to be so close because of absolutely nothing is unacceptable and we should not tolerate such nonsense. Please show support for an innocent female idol who has done nothing to invite such hate and please reblog this post or share the video with many others. We need unity and peace. Not this.

Watching the MAMA current rankings it makes me feels iffy…Don’t get me wrong I should clarify that I love EXO and they’re my bias group but….I feel like this wasn’t their year and didn’t do much to deserve those awards…Yeah Overdose was great but there were a lot far better songs/albums this year like VIXX(they rocked once again),WINNER(I mean debuting with an album they wrote,not to mention  the album was freaking amazing),Beast(Good Luck was GENIUS written by Junhyung and Kim Taejoo/TIME was as good),B1A4(Solo Day album was seriously amazing),SISTAR(Touch ma bodayyyyyy~~~)…Let’s be honest the only reason they’re first place in the online voting are because of the big fandom/voting with multiple accounts.Am I the only one who feels like this?

[INFO] 14/12/12 Billboard chose BEAST's 'Good Luck' as The Best K-pop Song of 2014!

1. Beast - “Good Luck”

From big band to EDM to ‘80s synth-pop, some of the best K-pop songs of the year came from honing in on and perfecting a particular concept. But by pulling fresh music inspirations while still retaining their band’s signature energy, Beast truly nailed it with this lovelorn breakup track that spans 360 degrees of entertainment and emotions.

Emotional piano lines and heartfelt croons evolve into fierce kiss-off lyrics over fizzy electronic production. Meanwhile, ominous cellos, sneering violins and other orchestral elements creep in before they’re trounced by throbbing EDM and trap beats as the guys showcase their singing, belting and rapping skills. There isn’t much more you could ask – or that could fit – in this meticulously put-together tour de force.

Crafted by member Junhyung and his longtime collaborator Kim Taejoo, “Good Luck” feels like the singer/rapper is truly at a point where he understands how to make his band’s dynamics shine while pushing himself to create bigger and better productions, undoubtedly a trend that will continue as Beast moves into the second half of their first decade together stronger than ever.

Full list – The 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2014:

1. Beast - “Good Luck”
2. Seo Taiji & IU - “Sogyeokdong”
3. G-Dragon & Taeyang - “Good Boy”
4. TVXQ! - “Something”
5. San E & Raina - “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”
6. Nell - “Four Times Around the Sun”
7. INFINITE - “Back”
8. Hyolyn & JooYoung - “Erase”
9. Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier - “Animal”
10. SISTAR - “Touch My Body”
11. MC the Max - “Wind That Blows”
12. Orange Caramel - “Catallena”
13. Loco Featuring Jay Park - “Thinking 'Bout You”
14. 15& - “Can’t Hide It”
15. Park Hyo Shin - “Wild Flower”
16. Girl’s Day - “Something”
17. B1A4 - “Lonely”
18. Girls’ Generation - “Mr.Mr.”
19. Akdong Musician - “200%”
20. Apink - “Luv”

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[TRANS/NEWS] Reasons Why BEAST is Unbreakable Even With the Idol Crisis

What is the term that really matches with the group BEAST. From some point we’ve started to use the term ‘Idols in their sixth year’ constantly when referring to BEAST. That shows how special it is for a national idol group to last more than 5 years. Didn’t everyone realize, once again, how hard it is to maintain a team with news of a group member leaving or a disbandment of a team.

In that meaning, BEAST has released two mini albums this year and has been actively promoting domestically. BEAST who had released their 7th mini album 'TIME’ on the 20th has swept the music charts with their title track '12:30’ and has shown the potential of an idol group in their sixth year. On October 16th as BEAST celebrated their 5th year anniversary, we could see that they knew the things that would make them have a long 'idol’ life.

The reason in maintaining a long life isn’t far off. People want special methods but you can find the answers from the roots. Those are good music and domestic fandom. It might seem easy but BEAST was able to show a more mature self by achieving these two tasks this year.

In music, Yong JunHyung created the producer team GOOD LIFE with his long partner composer Kim TaeJoo and has actively pursued musical activities as BEAST’s main producer. If you look at GOOD LIFE’s music, they showcase a variety of spectrum from dance-able hip hop like 'GOOD LUCK’ to ballads like 'NO MORE’ and '12:30’. Lee GiKwang is also showing potential as a musician by adding his self-composed songs into the album too.

Their never ending love for fans is also a (secret) know-how of BEAST. Recently during the interview ahead of their 'TIME’ album release, BEAST had answered nearly all interview questions with their love for fans. The reason for making a comeback, even in the question of the strong October competition, they revealed that the reason for releasing the album was soley for the fans and that their “1st priority is fans’ satisfaction”.

Before BEAST’s album release, they also held a '561 Project’ to meet with fans in different areas. The '561 Project’ held a meaning of 'For 5 years the 6 members of BEAST and B2UTY exist(ed) as 1’ and spent time with the fans in six different cities in the country.

When idol groups start their overseas promotions with their domestic popularity as its base, they normally go through a hiatus for a long time in domestic promotions. During this time, if the fandom isn’t stable and organized well, then it’s hard to show much results like the past when the groups make a domestic comeback. Actually, BEAST members revealed to us during their 'GOOD LUCK’ album interview that they didn’t gain much [high] results as the past in their second full length album [SHADOW]. This year, even with their busy schedule and upcoming Japan arena tour in November, they released their new album to keep their promise with domestic fans and clearly took care of them.

The six years pathway of BEAST’s determination can be seen by the results. Last June as BEAST made a comeback with the album 'GOOD LUCK’ with a determined heart, they won 11 trophies in music programs and also gained full points for the first time in SBS Inkigayo. It looks like '12:30’ will also gain success, because BEAST was able to melt BEAST’s ballad and performance together. These are the reasons why BEAST, who isn’t stopping, is unbreakable even with the idol crisis.


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