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Requested: Is there like a proper request format or do I just like? Go for it? Can you please do bts is having a bad day so they pick a fight with you and you’re like okay when you’re done with this fuck shit you let me know k bye

Pt. 1.


A/N: Is it a good try for a first angst? Ey? I tried i truly did, I’m sorry if they suck. However there’ll be a pt. 2. bc i can’t live with the boys’ guilt for not apologising y'know.
I hope you enjoyed these!!

P.S.: just go for it really, and hope for my brain to catch up, lol

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To Tae Tae

Q: Which song would you wish to sing to the person you like?

A: Cypher 4

[he read my note out loud then looked at me and answered “Cypher” and he smiled his rectangular smile :[]

I Promise [Prologue]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: feels. so much feels. 

Word Count: 2,016 

Part 1 of ?

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Flashback (12 years ago) age 7

“You have weird teeth”

“Why don’t you talk? you’re such a loner!”

“Look at this crybaby! what a loser”

Jungkook stood under the tree, which used to be his safe place until the bullies raided his territory. His head was on his knees, begging silently for the teasing to cease. “Please, please stop it” he whispered.

“YAH! YOU SCOUNDRELS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR GROUNDS?” someone shouted. The teasing stopped momentarily as the bullies search for the voice. “Oh look who’s there, it’s his girlfriend” they all laughed. “Your girlfriend is here to save you? You’re such a baby!” they continued. Jungkook didn’t hear much afterward.  Until— “We- we’re sorry!” said one of the boys. Jungkook lifted his head up, confused after hearing the bully beg for forgiveness from this mysterious girl. “Yeah that’s right! don’t ever mess with us!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. After his blurry vision faded away, his eyes set on her. “Hey, are you alright?” she asked. “Y-yeah, but w-who are—“, “My name is Y/N” she smiled widely. “You should learn how to defend yourself from those bullies of yours” she sat next to him. “But, how did you do that?” he looked down at the grass, avoiding eye contact with the strange girl. “I learned taekwondo, you should come with me and learn how to fight!” she had her fist in the air, trying out different moves. Jungkook didn’t answer, he kept staring at the green grass. “What’s your name?” the girl turned and faced her body towards the boy. “J-Jungkook” he stuttered. “Well Jungkook.. from this day on, you’ll be my friend!” she announced. “What?” Jungkook faced her with a surprised look on his face. That’s when he took a good look of her face. ‘She’s glowing’ he thought. “What do you say Jungkook? do you want to be my friend?” she extended her arm. He looked at her hand and back to her face. ‘What if I get teased because of her?’ he thought. “I swear on my life to always protect you” she uttered. Jungkook stared at her in amazement. Her smile never left her face. “O-ok” he shook her hand.

After meeting Y/N, Jungkook grew out of his shell. He attended taekwondo classes, he spoke louder than before, he made eye contact when talking to people, he learned how to initiate conversations, and it’s all thanks to Y/N. When Jungkook invited her to his house for the first time, his mother pulled her to another room to personally thank her. “Jungkook told me a lot about you since you came into his life, he smiled every day” her eyes started to water. “I’m so thankful that you’re his friend, please always be by his side. He needs you in his life” she hugged her tight like her life depended on it. “No worries Mrs. Jeon, I’ll take care of him” Y/N gave a comforting smile.

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