《I could still remember the times you were the strict leader when I watched sesame player years ago….but now you’re such a nice and sweet Hyung to our other six babies. T_T

Last year when I watched Infinite Showtime, you displayed such care and concern for the members and it was way too touching (Yes, rip my soul)….

You’re probably not going to read this but thank you for pulling the member up when they fall and believing in them, for being such an understanding person, for your friendzone love for your fans, for sharing your amazing voice with us, for always seeking for improvement, for making us proud.

Most importantly, thank you for being Infinite’s dependable leader.

Thank you for being in Infinite.》

Happy Birthday Kim Sunggyu,
You deserve lots of love and happiness!

Happy Birthday Sunggyu!!

To Infinite’s leader and oldest Sunggyu, Happy Birthday! You’re 28 years old (international age) today but you’re getting younger. To our hamster gyu who always puts in all his effort whether as the leader of infinite, or as Kim Sungkyu during his solo promotions or during variety shows. All Inspirits love you and hope that you’re recovering. Rest well and take care. 890428 생일축하해요 성규오빠~ 사랑해

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