kim soohyun and woohyun

f(Krystal) is the most hated person among 5 of them
  • She is close to every Shinee’s members
  • Scandal with GDragon before
  • Exo’s members show interaction with her which lead jealousy 
  • Friends with top actor such as Lee Jongsuk, Kim Woobin and Lee Minho
  • Attitude news before
  • Shows much skins and cold face which people mistaken as a bitch
  • Admired by many boy idols such as Infinite, Ft Island, Ukiss, Ze:a, 2pm etc
  • Currently being disliked by Minhyuk’s fangirl
  • Loved as a baby girl by the Suju members
  • Being Jessica’s younger sister
  • Plastic Surgery rumors 
  • Always being in the middle between her members
  • Most important is: ALWAYS BEING PAIRED WITH ANY GUY THAT SEEN CLOSE TO HER OR INTERESTED ON HER when she did nothing except of being friends

I know some of you don’t understand why I’m posting this but I do also know some are understand why. If you don’t like, there are X button which you can ignore me.