kim seyoung


Short introduction to Cross Gene! Check them out!!

Some MVs they have released:

어려도 남자야

나하고 놀자

Amazing - Bad Lady-

누나 너 말야

black or white (tw for blood, violence and murder)

Some shows they have been on (they’re fun):

Global request show: A song for you (ft JJCC)

After School Club

Random Cross Gene things

Descendants of the Sun parody

This Amazing -Bad Lady- dance practice

Click on the pics to enlarge! Some of them contain gifs!!

Hello everyone, here is my masterlist so far

I thought I should probably make this eventually so here it is:


Aging Heacanons


MC is a musical rival (Scenario)

Sleep Headcanons

Aging Headcanons


Nothing as of yet


MC playing like a cat (Headcanons)

Sleep headcanons


Sex headcanons


Easily embarrassed MC (Headcanons)

Relationship Headcanons (ONE OF MY FAVES)


V being happy (Scenario)

Sleep Heacanons

Sex Headcanons

Easily embarrassed MC (Headcanons)


Study Buddies (Headcanons)

MC is pregnant (Scenarios)

Colorblind MC seeing color first time (Scenarios) ((ONE OF MY FAVES))

Easily embarrassed MC (Headcanons)

MC is a famous pianist (Headcanons)

Comforting Sad MC (Headcanons)

RFA + V & Unknown-

MC as a fencer (Headcanons) ((NO V))

MC yelling “WUB WUB” (Headcanons) ((NO V))

RFA find out MC is gay

Christmas Traditions (Headcanons) ((NO SAERAN))

Halloween Headcanons (ONE OF MY FAVES)

Stranger Things AU (NO V)

First Fight with MC (Scenarios) ((NO V))

  • Yoojung: *trips but doesn't fall*
  • Doyeon: *runs over* OH MY GOSH YOOJUNG ARE YOU OKAY?
  • Sejeong: *trips over a rock, falls over into a somersault, breaks a nail, starts crying, gets up, trips over air again and falls on her face*
  • Nayoung: Damn, that must hurt.

Let Cross Gene seduce their way into your heart…