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I Dare You ; Jisung

Prompt: 15. “Look, all I’m asking is for a favour.”
Characters: Yoon Jisung / Reader / ft. Hwang Minhyun and Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo
Genre: Slight fluff, Non-Idol!AU, + kind of angsty kissing ?
Word Count: 4.3k+
Admin: Jade lowkey dedicated to @longquos

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  • when you went to visit your friend in the town over, the last place you expected to end up at was in a cramped closet with your ex-boyfriend.
  • so, the week before christmas one of your best friends, hwang minhyun, invited you over for the holidays
  • you agreed, but there was a minor setback
  • he lived in a town six hours away from yours and you didn’t have a car
  • “i’ll just take a bus,” you told him, not excited for the uncomfortable ride
  • you didn’t have enough money for a two-way airplane ticket nor were you willing to buy one and you wouldn’t accept minhyun’s offer to pay for the ticket
  • “i have a friend in your town who’s driving over; why don’t you just get a ride from him?”
  • at first, you were incredibly wary over the idea of driving with a total stranger
  • but in the end the person is minhyun’s friend and he just kept going on and on about how much of a nice person the man is
  • plus, you really didn’t want to ride a stuffy bus for six hours
  • so after almost an hour of coaxing, you finally agreed to catch a ride with this friend of minhyun’s
  • “great! i’ll text him; i’m sure he’ll be okay with driving you.”

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