kim s. rüth

what your got7 bias says about you
  • Mark: you're a real sweetheart! you appreciate the little things, you really enjoy ice cream dates, you love wearing oversized sweaters
  • Youngjae: you love when there's 100% chance of sunshine all day, you're truly an angel, you would love to have a picnic for a date and go star gazing later that night
  • Bambam: you're really wild but also super nice, you enjoy being around people that make you laugh and you love making others laugh too! you love back hugs
  • Junior: you see the real beauty in people, love having deep conversations with others, you love watching the rain and having a comfy movie night
  • Yugyeom: you're super sweet! you love having long cuddle sessions, when you're favorite song is playing you can't help but get up and dance like no one is watching
  • Jackson: you can be really hyper sometimes, you enjoy caring for others and going on adventures! sometimes you'll really like going out in the world and being super productive but you also like just sitting back and relaxing
  • Jaebum: ur thirsty
  • Taehyung: *lightly pushes Jimin* Haha!
  • Jimin: *pushes back* AHAHA!
  • Taehyung: ... *SHOVES HIM OFF THE CHAIR*