kim ryeowook


Our members (Super Junior) keep telling me “Stop it already, stop it! we understand, but stop it already, you got the concept wrong” but guys, this isn’t my concept… I really like giraffes.
I get so many gifts related to giraffes. It’s confusing if my room is a room of a singer or a zoo, ranging from dolls, spoons, cups… I have so many stuff related to giraffes. You can stop sending me presents.

I literally love the different Ryeowook expressions like

There’s my favourite, the one where he’s like ‘I may look sweet and innocent…but don’t be mislead’

Then there’s like the ‘I look surprised at something but I’m really not’ face

There’s the ‘I should try be sexy sometimes’ lip bite

there’s the ‘I’m actually like 8 years old at heart’ smile

Need I go on?

He’s a dork

But what can I say? I honestly couldn’t ask for a better bias