kim possible

Remember Kim Possible.

With the Wander Over Yonder series finale coming up next week I think you could all do with a little pick-me-up. Especially those of you who think that we’ve lost after the finale premieres. Let’s look to Kim Possible, our idol fandom.

The movie, which was meant to be the series finale aired in April 2005. (There was one random episode of season 3 which aired in 2006 but technically took place before the movie) but on November 29th 2005, Kim Possible was renewed for a fourth season due to popular demand, with season 4 premiering in February 2007. So the premiere of the movie (series finale) happened in April and Disney renewed the show in November. 

It took 7 months from the premiere of the finale for the renewal to be announced. The SaveWOY campaign has only been running for 3 months and the finale hasn’t even aired yet. This proves that a renewal is possible any time after the finale. 

So when June 27th rolls around and ‘The End Of The Galaxy’ has aired. Just remember, it’s still not over.