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Kim possible process vid


Hey guys!!=)

After a long time, I decided to come back to tumblr.

I’m Kigozula, if someone doesn’t know me. My Avatar is the same. I think I am going to change this name, but I want my good old friends on tumblr to find me, so I’ll use Kigozulaa for a little while. (Kigozula is taken, so this is why Kigozulaa)

Well, I was a bit surprised, that some people didn’t forget me and wished I’d be back.*-* There’re even people who miss my Sokkazula blog. I “took” this Name again, so even if I saw there is a new Sokkla blog and most of the time, every Sokkla blog has the same fanarts…etc. I think it is still not bad to have a Sokkla blog more or isn’t it??

I don’t know how active I’ll be with my new blog, but I planned to post more Disney stuff. I’m already leading a Sokkla blog, my own blog will be mostly Disney I think and Azula.=)

It is possible, that I can’t find everyone I used to follow, so be kind and let me know.^^

I couldn’t find my old theme…so I think this will do for a while. My old green background as always.

Tumblr is my place, where I’ll spend most of my time raving over Kim Possible and Sokkla I believe.=)

You know who did the teen hero thing right? Kim Possible, that’s who. She never messed around with that secret identity thing or with not letting her parents or friends know what she was doing so she never had to deal with, “Oh, I’m gonna miss this important family event to save the world”  or, “What’ll happen if my friends find out my secret identity?” bullcrap. It was like, “Mom, Dad. I gotta go deal with this Drakken sitch,” and they’d just be like, “Have fun. Tell Ron we said hi.” She had that hero/personal life balance thing on lock. I aspire to have my life as in balance as Kim Possible.


“two best friends who genuinely care about each other more than anything but start to realize their feelings for each other” ships are ruining my life


Just for fun, I wanted to draw some female Disney characters(from cartoon series) that were either the main characters of their own show(whether it’s named after them, or it focus’ around them), or shared the equal amount of screen time as the male main characters/had their own episode. 

Maggie Pesky - The Buzz On Maggie(Main Character)

Kim Possible (Main Character)

Star Butterfly - Star VS The Forces Of Evil(Main Character)

Penny Proud - The Proud Family(She’s part of the Proud family so that makes her a Main Character)

Pepper Ann (Main Character)

Lilo Pelekai - Lilo and Stitch(Main Character)

Brandy - Brandy and Mr. Whiskers(Main Character)

Riley Eugene Daring - The Replacements(Sister of the Main Character/Main Character)

Ariel - The Little Mermaid(Main Character)

Sabrina Spellman - Sabrina The Animated Series(Main Character)

Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls(Sister of Main Character/Main Character)

Candace Flynn - Phineas and Ferb(Sister of Main Characters)

Sashi Kobayashi - Penn Zero: Part Time Hero(Friend of Main Character)

Bea Goldfishberg - Fish Hooks(Friend of Main Characters/Main Character)

Sylvia - Wander Over Yonder(Friend of Main Character)

If I left out any other show that has a main Disney female character or a female character who shares the same equal amount of screen time as the male main character; feel free to share nicely.