kim morley

My feelings after last night episode

After such a fantastic episode I thought there was nothing that can take away the happiness that I felt for such a well-written episode and amazing story. But today I woke up and read the reviews, and I suddenly I was hit by one feeling: SADNESS. I know that Jason Kim etc, as writers have nothing to do with reviews but I needed to express myself and I needed someone to read me. 

I can’t believe that not one review talked about how crucial and how spectacular Bellamy’s journey has been this season and especially on the last episodes. I understand that he is not giving the powerful speeches anymore or that he is not comanding an army, but he is doing something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than that: HE IS KEEPING EVERYONE ALIVE. And when I say everyone I mean EXACTLY E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. If it hadn’t been for Bellamy there would be no 44 inside Mt.Weather, there would be no Sky People, no Grounders, no Lexa, no Clarke (they would have been killed by a missile or the acid fog). He has been saving all of them, on his own (with help of course from Maya). He entered Mt. Weather, he disabled the acid fog, he came back for the grounders, he saved Echo from having his blood drain, he saved Jasper Monty Miller and the rest inumerable times. He has gone through one of the BIGGEST character developments I’ve seen a male protagonist undergo. He is not the same guy from the pilot and he is not the same guy from the S1 finale. He is willing to sacrifice everything but at the same time he cares for everyone…and at the same time he wants to survive, he is not a character who gives up, he is always fighting because he WANTS TO LIVE, he wants to enjoy the ground. 

YET, no review has acknowledge what he has done… I know many things happened in this last episodes but the fact that he has been ignored saddens me deeply. And is not just because of bellamy’s character to whom I thank the writers exist because he has entered the list of my favourite characters EVER. It’s because I see and I appreciate Bob’s TERRIFIC performance episode after episode. Bellamy can have no line in an entire episode but I will still understand how he is feeling, what’s he thinking, because Bob SPEAKS WITH HIS EYES and because he doesn’t need a fantastic storyline every episode or a powerful speech or a great one-liner. And that kind of acting, those kinds of performances are the ones that blow me away (and that doesn’t happen often).  And yet no one has given him the credit he deserves. 

Luckily the writers have…through the characters Octavia, Clarke and the remaining 44.  shown that they value Bellamy. 

This probably has noting to do with the topic but now that I’m onto it I want to thank the writers for how well they portrayed the importance of having a FAMILY. Now I can see it clear too. Bellamy Clarke Octavia and the 44 are ONE family. They built that family during season 1 and they are fighting to keep it together. That’s why Bellamy risked his life by entering Mt. Weather. That’s why Clarke and Octavia didn’t leave at the end of last night episode. That’s why the 44 are still fighting and protecting eachother. That’s why the grounders and Lexa left. That’s with the Sky People left. The 47 no longer see the Sky People as their family. They have found their own. And THAT is the family I’m sticking with. CLARKE BELLAMY OCTAVIA JASPER MONTY HARPER MILLER RAVEN AND MANY OTHERS (I include Lincoln Wick and Maya as part of the family too ♥)

So thanks for reading and I apoligize if there are some grammar mistakes since my first language is not english. Again thank you Aaron for such a phenomenal episode, and as for reviews I hope one day they will include Bellamy.