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Scenario : The boys reactions to seeing you (a cute girl) out and about wearing BTS merch. +

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Seokjin : This cutie would probably have to do a double take to make sure it was a BTS shirt you were displaying. Once he realized it was infact a BTS shirt, he’d giggle and point you out to his members. He’d probably walk up to you asking if you know BTS, making you instantly turn around and squeel at the site of our Pink Princess in front of you .

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Min Yoongi : D boy here would notice you wearing their merch almost instantly but wouldn’t make a big fuss about it. Once you crossed paths, he’d point at you saying “nice” and give you a gummy smile as he slowly passed you by. You left behind trying pick your jaw up from the floor after realizing Yoongi from BTS noticed you. 

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Hoseok : This sweetie pie would nearly lose his shit at the site of a cute girl wearing his groups merch. He’d act like a straight fool hoping you noticed he was there. The second you turned around to the sound of him saying “my heartu”, he’d pretend to faint at the site of your beauty and point out that you were wearing their merch making you giggle earning him your number. 

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Namjoon : This soulful cutie would notice your beautiful face before he noticed you were wearing merch for his group. He’d point you out to his fellow members and as soon as your shirt was visible he’d lose it and start hiding behind his hands giggling. “Aish, not only is she beautiful but she’s an ARMY!” He’d squeel whilst his dimples were now more prominent then before. I feel like Joonie would be to shy to approach you and would just stare from a distance admiring his beautiful fan. 

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Jimin : This fluffball would notice you instantly. He’d be to shy to approach you or make it obvious that he was looking your way. He’d just smile and admire that a beauitful girl was wearing his merch and would hide anytime he saw you turning around, but you can bet you’d be on his mind the remainder of the day, regretting the fact that he never asked for your number. 

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TaeTae : Aw, our precious little goofball! He wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you. The second he saw you, you had his attention. He’d do anything and everything possible to make you realize he was there and that he noticed you were wearing his merch. He’d come up behind you suprising you with a sudden “hello” causing you to jump, you instantly freezing the moment you processed that Tae from BTS was in front of you getting ready to ask you for your number. 

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Kookie : Tbh, it’s hard to tell with Kookie. Either he’ll be super shy or super confident. But he’d probably lose it seeing a cute girl wearing his merch. He’d attempt to grab the other members attention mentioning how beautiful you were and that you were an ARMY. He’d either stay back avoiding any contact from happening or he’d be pressured by the other members to go up to you and ask for your phone number. Either way, you’d have his attention. 

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when it’s 12kst and you’re hitting the refresh button on youtube and twitter repeatedly but bighit doesn’t post anything


I was scrolling through my facebook feed the other day and I couldn’t help but notice that this ad about an interactive pets app featured some animals that reminded me of a certain few boys (also that ad only had five animals, sorry Jin and Namjoon)

((pictures are not mine, but I tried to at least keep the watermarks of those that had them))