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[TRANS] The Celebrity - Hoya

Even in the middle of the noise and craziness, Hoya had his earphones in was focused on watching something on his cell phone. It was the American drama ‘Empire’. Even while watching one drama, it looked like he had a lot of thoughts. And after getting to talk with him, he really is like that. He was a man who, more than anyone else, overflowed with ambition and a person who knew how to see a bigger world. “There’s no reason to have a physical goal that can only be seen from the outside. I want to grow endlessly.” Feature Editor Lee Myunghee

You started an Instagram recently. Is there a reason why you made one out of the blue? (Lee Jieun)
Honestly, a part of it is because I thought about the fans. I can’t take selcas so I don’t really like SNS that much. So instead, I intend to upload dancing and singing videos. No one knows yet, but I created a YouTube account. I’m going to upload dancing and singing videos on YouTube too and edit it and upload short ones to Instagram. I’ve been promoting for a long time but I haven’t really shown songs or dances that I like. (T/N: The implication is that he means personal dances and covers of songs he likes, not that he doesn’t like what he does now) Using all of my power, I’m going to show everyone through the internet. Ah, I still read a lot of Twitter mentions. Since all of my personal friends are all guys, we don’t contact each other often, but while looking at their Twitter mentions, I feel comforted. I also save the funny memes that are sent to me from there.

You’re famous for being a talented dancer and you’re also good at music and acting. Which one is the most fun?
I like that I can dance, sing and act at the same time. When I’m on stage, even doing just one performance, I think of it like I’m dancing, singing and of course, acting. I haven’t been cast in many real legitimate dramas but over half of them were dancing and singing roles. So even when I’m acting, it’s fun that they’re all properly mixed in with each other.

Do you have plans for your next acting project?
No, but I want to. Sometimes I hear talks of things going into negotiations but nothing has gotten to me yet. I want to try a funny and bright role. Not like slapstick but comedic.

It seems like you have dreams of going solo. Is the company preparing anything? Or are you just like, ‘Sorry, I’m busy’? (Lee Ipsae)
Honestly, the masses think that the process from promoting with a group to debuting solo is quite natural. All singers who debuted with a group are people who dream of being solo artists. Who would’ve started with the thought, “In a group of this many people, I’m going to be the singer in charge of this or that.”? Firstly, for my solo album, I’m preparing by myself. I’m constantly practicing and continue to self compose songs. It might be a premature thought but I’ve gone as far as mapping out the music video as well. It’s because I have a lot of interest in the video production side too. I’ve thought of the song, outfit, and stage concept. I’m laying down a lot of plans. However late, won’t I still be able to achieve it within 3 years? Please look forward to it.

I’m curious about the latter half of your Jejudo trip. (Lee Jieun)
Because it was my first trip by myself, I needed a lot of courage. I know a lot about the work that I do now but there are still a lot of things I don’t know about a normal life. I worked up the courage and planned and left on a three day two night trip and spent it well. I ate black pig by myself and looked at the ocean. I rented a convertible and did a half circle around the island. Personally, I liked Udo the best. It was the first time for me to feel the thrill of refreshingly doing things alone while appreciating the pretty landscape. It was a very good experience but i was very lonely. Normally I’m one who can be alone well but because I was at a tourist resort by myself I was relatively more lonely and bored. So I thought, let’s not go to jejudo alone again. (Laughter) Instead, I have plans to try to go to a place like America for a long time by myself and spend time leisurely.

If you could pick a stage name again…? (Kim Juhee)
Ahh, I actually thought a lot about that this past month. It’s amazing that you’ve asked me this question. ‘Hoya’ is originally the nickname that my dancing crew in Busan called me and it somehow became the name I debuted with. I hear things like ‘It’s so cute, it doesn’t match you’ ‘I thought it was a magnae name’ a lot. Since it’s not a particularly cool name, I’ve been worrying over changing my stage name about now. I don’t know what I’d change it to specifically and I haven’t decided anything yet. My real name (Lee Howon) might be hard for overseas fans to call out.

A song you listen to often these days?
40 - Aural Letter (T/N: I think another English name it goes by is Listen to the Letter)

The book you’ve most recently read? (Monica Lee)
Two days ago I read a book called <Nevertheless, Love>. A while ago I was reading a poetry book on the plane called <Reading Poems on Days when You Unexpectedly Miss People>. Sunggyu hyung saw me and teased me a lot asking if I missed people. (Laughter) I don’t usually read poetry books but they’re really fun when it comes to rap. The phrases that are like rap lyrics’ witty punch lines. I didn’t intentionally start looking at it to study but because it was fun, I ended up reading it.

You must have an abundance of sensitivity. You have more tears than expected.
The day before yesterday I came back from my first family trip after 14 years. I get really uncomfortable resting for even a day, so truthfully at first I really wasn’t willing to go. I went while thinking ‘I have to practice and receive lessons…’ But it was so good I could cry. Since my household only has sons, the atmosphere is awkward. And from when I was little, I only have memories of my father scolding us and being brusque. But it was so nice and peaceful. It’s been so long since we’ve all enjoyed and laughed together, that I didn’t realize I started tearing again while laughing.

Lastly, about when do you plan on becoming ugly? (Kim Mikyung) (T/N: Meaning the girl thinks he’s too handsome)
Puahahaha. Ahh, there was something absurd that happened in an interview recently. There was an interview that said I chose my eyes as ‘The feature I have no confidence in’ and that ‘I want eyes like Won Bin so I went to find a plastic surgery center’. I’ve never heard that question before nor have I ever given a response like that, but it went out like that. Fans were really worried so they tweeted or wrote letters mentioning it. It’s definitely not the truth. I like my eyes. I don’t have any plans on getting surgery!

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watching tamna the island for im joohwan. he plays a noble exiled from seoul to tamna (jeju). then i see kim mi-kyung who played professor yang in what’s up. will do my best to hold on to this drama from now on. this time, she’s the chief of a village of some sort of joseon-era amazons. she be the hbic!

i’m on such a big what’s up hangover, i’d probably pick up any drama with any  f the cast members in it. except for high kick 3, maybe. i don’t think i’d watch that many episodes just to nurse a hangover. but i’m thinking of picking up hon and wild romance for im joo-eun (oh doori) and oh man-seok (sun wooyoung). jo jung-seok (kim byeong-gun) didn’t have any dramas before what’s up since he’s mainly a musical actor, but he will be in the king! hehehe.